New hairstyles for men with short hair in 2015

New year has started and it’s time to adopt new hairstyles only to bring big change into your appearance. Although you are able to try many different hairstyles but there are some new hairstyles for men in 2015 Guys who will opt for such hairstyles would surely be able to stay fashion forward. Let’s check what these new hairstyles are.

 Chic Faux Hawk

Guys who want to get best short haircut in 2015 must go for faux hawk. The best inspiration for this particular cut is Zayn Malik. However, you can add your own style to this haircut. If you aren’t ready to shave side of head then you need to taper them to one or half inch. The main idea is to grab neat and perfect look.

faux hjawk men hairstyles men faux hawk hair

Stylish Comb over hairstyles

One of the best men hairstyles  is comb over. This hairstyle is associated with elite and corporate class. Guys who want to grab formal look must give it their best try. It is among  common yet very chic hairstyles for professionals.

men latest hairstyles men comb over hairstyles

Slicked hairstyles for men

Messy hairstyles are not really very high demand in 2015, so you have to pick neat new hairstyles. Slicked back hairstyle is indeed the best way to look handsome and trendy this year. Another way to look graceful is to wear side or center parted hairstyle which is a courtesy of fashion magazines and cat walks.

men trendy hairstyles 2015 men hairstyles center part hairstyles of men men new hairstyles side part

Fade haircut

Men look very charming whenever they opt for trendy fade haircuts. It is a fact that this haircut would never go out of trend. Therefore, guys should consider a high or low fade haircut depending on their hair length and personal preferences.

men stylish hair men slicked back hairstyles

New hairstyles for men 2015 have been inspired from latest fashion magazines and shows.  No doubt, these sources always guide us what style to wear and how to wear a hairstyle in a right way.

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