Must Know 8 Causes of Breakouts (Acne, Spots, Blemishes, Black heads)

According to a rough estimate, 6 out of 10 women have been suffering from different kinds of breakouts such as dark spots, scars, acne, blackheads, blemishes, etc. If you care about your skin then you should understand what root causes of breakouts are. You can’t get clear and smooth skin unless you know that main cause of the problem. It’s time to know the root and then nip the evil in the bud.

acne breakout causes

8 Main Causes of Breakouts/ Clogging

Let’s take a right step toward clearer and smoother skin, dig into the causes of clogging.

1.Not Wiping Your Makeup Off Correctly

It happens many times that women don’t remove their makeup properly from the skin. Therefore, dirt, sebum and sweat collect in open pores and clogging them and this habit becomes the main cause of acne and spots.

remove makeup from skin

2.Not Cleaning the Makeup Brushes

Another big cause of breakout in women is that they use dirty makeup brushes, which become habitat of bacteria when they are not cleaned properly. When makeup is applied with these brushes  then bacteria affect the skin cells. Dust and dirt of your makeup brushes is not good for your skin’s health. Therefore, it is essential for you to clean your brush once in a month, at least.

clean makeup brush

3.Your Bacteria-Breeding Phone

You may surprise to know that your phone is also one of the main causes of breakouts such as acne,spots and blemishes. It has been found in the recent study that your smartphone also causes spots on your skin because 92% of tested phones had bacteria on them. It is not a surprise because women have acne on their cheeks and jawline, which are very near to area where we hold our smartphone. So, it is good for you to keep your phone clean. You need to use anti-bacterial wipes. In addition, you shouldn’t touch your face with unwashed fingers, otherwise you have to face skin problems.

cellphone causing acne

4.Over Consciousness about Skin Care

Some women are very conscious about their face. They do over-cleansing, over-scrubbing, over-exfoliating and similar things. Your over-conscious attitude does more bad than good. Your effort for erasing the sports may affect skin balance more drastically. Be gentle to your skin. Do skin care but avoid over-use of products. Make skin care your routine and use products that are labelled ‘non-comedogenic’.

5.A Toxic Diet

Our liver has to work hard for processing toxins such as fats, alcohols and certain sugars. During this processing, it releases toxins via pores, so clogs may get erupted. It is advisable to avoid excess use of refined carbs, sugar and processed foods.

toxic diet cause acne

6.Detox symptoms

Sometimes, you experience different kinds of acne that are not similar to your normal acnes. They appear on different areas of your face. Actually, many women experience many breakouts on their skin before they see a clear skin in the long run. You should keep in mind the phrase “ ‘it’ll get worse before it gets better”.

7. Hormone Fluctuations

One of the main causes of acne, scars and blemishes for women is the hormonal fluctuation. Sometimes, you experience this problem due to periods and during pregnancy but literally there are many other kinds of hormonal fluctuation. Stress is another cause because cell produces sebum, so this sebum clog hair follicle and end results comes in the form of skin blemishes.

detoux symptoms stres

8. Smoking and sunbathing

Smoking destroys your natural beauty for sure. Sunbathing is a good thing but don’t overdo it. Both habits boost up the formation of clogged pores. Some women have some spots that become worse due to direct sun exposure. Women also experience pigmentation due to sunbath. So, kick both habit out from your life and bring in your natural skin beauty.

sunbath cause acneacne and smoking

Finally, you know what root causes of breakouts are. So, your next step should be avoid these causes for getting healthy looking skin.

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