Must Check Meanings of Different Tree tattoo Designs

Tree tattoos are popular because they have deep meanings. They look wonderful, no matter where you place them.  People who are going to get this kind of designs must have to browse the best designs collection just to jump-start their own  design imagination process. Today, I’ll give you a chance to know meanings and designs ideas.

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Meanings of Tree Tattoos in Different Cultures

If we talk about general meanings  then trees are considered long lasting and resilient. They symbolize “Strength” because they survive for long time, no matter what weather conditions are. In some cultures, people consider some of them are sacred. Celts and Greeks felt that oak  are sacred, German thought same for Lime and Linden Tress, Lebanese felt the same for cedar  and Scandinavians considered ash trees very important. Followers of Buddha though that Bodhi  are a symbol of enlighten.

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Tree of Life  Meanings

It  is quite popular among men and women. They symbolizes immortality and eternity, knowledge and wisdom, strength and protection, abundance and growth, forgiveness and salvation. In many  designs, artists normally intertwined branches’ and roots in a big circle.

tree of life tattoo on ankle tree of life tattoo meanings

Meanings of Cherry Blossom

The best way to express feminine beauty is to grab cherry blossom tree tattoo designs. They are popular design options for women. According to Chinese, it is all about grace and feminism. According to Japanese, cherry blossom tat symbolizes womanhood and life. Actually, it has short time span, so Japanese associate it with life.

meanings of cherry blossom tree tattoos tree tattoos for girls

Leaves and Roots Meanings

When you are going to get this kind of design then you need to also know meanings of leaves and roots. Meanings of roots with tree is a connection to past. If you get this design then it means a person is connecting to its past and family. It also means that person feels well-grounded and strong.

roots of tree tattoo meanings

Leaves have two different meanings. For some people, leaves mean growth and rebirth. Every year tree gets the leaves and it symbolizes growth. Other people say that leaves tattoo means impermanence and things that fade easily. You also need to pay attention to size and age of leaves. Decaying leaves have negative meanings, they normally demonstrate death. Fresh leaves express fresh growth. Adult leaves show life and maturity.

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tree and leaves tattoo meanings

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Explore Meanings of Different Tree Tattoos

It is good to know that different cultures give value to different trees. Meaning of every tree is different. So, when you are going to take such design then you must need to know its meanings.


There are dual meanings of associated with Apple. Due to biblical use of it in the fall of Adam of Eve, so they symbolize temptation and evil. On the other hand, they also demonstrate knowledge and learning.

apple tree tattoos


Their meanings are associated with spirits. They symbolize spiritual awareness or enlightenment.

ash tree tattoo meanings


Aspen design body ink  has both negative and positive meanings. In general, it means end of something which could be positive or negative.

aspen tree tattoo meanings


When you want to show  glory and honor or rewards, then you should opt for this tattoo design.


They are considered signs of prosperity or of knowledge and patience.

tree tattoo meanings

Birch  meanings

They always have positive meanings. People get black ink with this design just to show new beginnings, rebirth, renewals, cleanings.

birch tree tattoo designs


Guys usually get ink of it only to demonstrate protection and incorruptibility.

green tree tattoo designs


It has only one positive aspect i.e. sacrifice while its other meanings are negative for example mourning, death, and sorrow.


When you want to represent indifference and apathy, you would love to use it as your main design.


People who want to express commitment and dignity must opt for elm  designs.

elm tree tattoo mean


It is not really common in America but it is a good choice for tattoo as it shows longevity and overabundance.

best tree tattoo designs


People are able to show contentment, happiness, and hope for the future with this tree tattoo design.

tree tattoo design ideas

Hazel Leaves and roots

They are considered good tattoo choice for women. They show wisdom or concealment.

hazel tree tattoo mean


They have religious meanings such as faithfulness, protection, and spirituality.


People who want to show association with religion and bible opt for this tattoo. They are used to show praise, worship, and strong will.

joshua tree tattoos


Normally, body ink with this design has positive meanings such as tenacity, victory, and heroism but it also has a negative meaning such as deception.

laurel tree designs

Linden meanings

It has a strong connection to marriage , so they represent monogamy and love.

tattoo of trees


When you have to express balance, harmony, and duty then you should opt for its design.

maple tree tattoos


People who want to express endurance, liberty, and bravery normally consider it.

tree tattoo designs


It has negative meanings such as death, burial, and mourning.

poplar tree tattoo mean


Native Americans believed that walnut are symbols of clarity and focus.

walnut tree tattoos

White Pine 

According to Native Americans, it symbolizes serenity.

white pine tattoos


Generally, they symbolize freedom, healing, and love lost. However, there are some mystical meanings of them such as  magic, inner vision, and dreams.


They have not only positive meanings such as signs of resurrection and rebirth, but also negative meanings like sadness and piety.

yew tree tattoo designs

Finally, you know the meanings of different types of tree tattoo designs. Now you are able to make a right choice of design and also to decide where to set it.. People generally like to get this design ink on back but its placement on body should completely be your personal decision.

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