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Polynesian arm band tattoos are quite popular among men and women. It is a smaller version of the sleeve tattoo design. Different islands opt for diverse designs of arm band, so you are able to choose any tribal art tattoo from a specific island.

armband tribal tattoo

History of Tattoos in Polynesian Culture

Tattoo art was considered sacred in that culture.A person gets tattoo in a ceremony where music group played drum beats and other people took part in tribal dancing. A person who wanted to get a tattoo must have to follow some rituals before and after getting ink of then tattoo. In past, crude equipments- animal bones, turtle shells, bird bones, etc. Therefore, that tattoos took long time for healing. The meanings of Polynesian armband tattoos were courage, power and ranking in a society. These days, many people like to get solid black armband tattoos in the memory of their loved ones.

polynesian armband tattoos polynesia tribal tattoo design

tribal tattoo designs men

A person was considered eligible for tattoo when he was 12 years old.This age was perfect time since in this years a person experienced transition from childhood to adulthood.normally, every achievement was accompanied with a tattoo design. The more number of achievements, the more number of tattoos would be. It was considered as a matter of prestige to have several tattoos. Normally, men got Polynesian armband tattoos but women also opted for the same. Men took tattoos at any place but normally women got tattoos only to the arm, chin, palms and lips.

polynesian tribal tattoo designtribal tattoo design ideas

tribal tattoo design ideas

Style of Polynesian Arm band tattoos

Polynesian Arm band tattoos look simply robust, no matter what style you choose. Before you choose any style, you should research the meaning of armband tattoos because every design is culture specific and meaning of design changed from one culture to another. Some people like to get armband having intricate flowers in it. While other times, they prefer an armband tattoo design having some geometrical shapes or sun symbols.

tribal armband tattoos


polynesian-armband-tattoo-idea-2tribal tattoo art and design

Polynesian Tribal arm band tattoo seems to be one of the best tattoo designs both for men and women. Browse the best collection above and choose the best tattoo for your arm.


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