Modern Curtain Styles for Bedroom and Living Room

Do you want to make your living and bedroom very elegant and stylish? You need to make a big change into these areas of home with the mean of modern curtains. Interestingly, a person is able to pick the best style from the best modern styles. Before you pick any style, you should first need to decide the theme for the curtain. It is always advisable to match color of your curtain with your wall décor. In case you don’t have wall décor then you are free to any style you like the most. Let’s uncover some really amazing and modern curtain styles for bedroom and living room.

violet and white bedroom curtains

Check Pattern Curtain style

Well, it is among the best styles of curtain that really change the look and appearance of your room, no matter you hang them in living room or bedroom. When you select check pattern curtains then you have an option to stick with more than one color in your room setting. Check comes in dual or triple colors, so you would be able to choose different colors furniture, rugs and other items.

modern check curtains

blue check curtains for living room


check curtain red and yellow

Stripes Curtain Style

Stripes is one of the coolest and modern curtain styles that entirely change the appearance of your living room or bedroom. Stripes curtain allows a person great flexibility for the color and theme. You can opt for very bold or pastel color curtains. In order to give a room a dramatic effect, a person can make a combo of stripes and plain curtain.

grey and white stripes curtainblack and white stripes curtains

Plain Curtain styles

It is a fact that plain curtain always look elegant and amazing. They give bedroom and living room very graceful. You need to stick with room theme, when it comes to color selection of the curtains. In case you have light theme in your room, then opt for pastel colors curtains; since they look amazing. Sometimes, people like to make a contrast of light and dark shades and it is another cool idea of modern curtain styles.

plain purple curtaisnplain curtains for living room

Floral Pattern Curtains

Normally, people like to change their living or bedroom curtain during spring. They opt for floral pattern curtain styles because they look simply perfect. Always choose small flowers curtain because big floral pattern doesn’t give room a clear finish.

black and white curtains

white and purple floral curtains

living room floral curtainsfloral pink yellow curtains

floral curtain for bedroom

Stenciled curtain style

Another cool modern curtain style that you would love to try is stenciled curtain. The style and pattern of this kind of curtain is indeed really stunning. The more and more people have started hanging stenciled curtains because these look wonderful all the time. A modern finish can easily be given to a bedroom or living room via such modern curtain styles.

stenciled curtain for room

stenciled curtains for window

yellow stylish curtains

Modern Leaf Curtains

Want to add some freshness into your bedroom or living room? You need to opt for leaf curtains. Green leaves curtain completely modifies a place where you set them. Some people think that green leaf makes a room really fresh and amazing. Colorful leaf design curtain is another option to try because such designs allows a person to grab different color wall paintings, furniture, rugs and other colorful items into your bedroom and living room.

simple leaf design curtain

curtain leaf designs

green and black leaf curtains leaf design curtains

Now you have complete ideas of modern curtain styles, it is right time to pick one particular style that seems suitable to your room. Keep in mind one thing that whatever style you choose, it must matches with the complete room theme.

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