Models of Diversity Brought a positive Change in Catwalk

Generally, when we talk about runway model then we simply means featured models with a US “size 000”. This size means a 23 inch waist measurement that is teeny-tiny and normally petite according to today’s standard. It is indeed possible to find a model with this waist measurement. However, if you are short then it is possibly to have this waist size or measurement. There are tons of models who have so-called 000 size of US standards. But why catwalk is all about skinny madness?It could be better with models of different body sizes. So, Let’s talk about models of Diversity.

models of diversity show

Yes, it is time to end our stereotyping regarding the models body size and shape. It is quite possible to have curvy thin and healthy body but we should think outside the box. We are only blindly following the old routes while runway or catwalk could be better with models of diversity. It is time to bring a broad spectrum of shapes and sizes on run-way. Fashion can also showcase a wide range of bodies, if we think positively. Let’s stop the skinny madness and start considering the models of Diversity.

Model of Diversity- Cool Natasha

Natasha made her Models of Diversity Debut and you should have to check her confidence on time to look at Barbara who is owner of the biggest boobs. She made an impeccable appearance with her big Afro.

natasha model come back after 15 years

Model of Diversity-Barbara

Fashion is not only for one race or region, it has broad spectrum. Actually, it has no boundary.

barbara afro model

Model of Diversity- Nicole

It is indeed very surprising to see transsexual Nicole in Models of Diversity runway.

nicole transsexual model

 Model of Diversity- Jack

A hot guy with a metal leg also took part in Model of Diversity. His appearance convinced us that fashion show is not always about perfect body, let’s accept an entry of special people in our special events.

jack model with a metal leg

Model of Diversity –Sam

Look at this beautiful mom of three kids. She looks amazing, no doubt. Her glowing face is indeed eye-catching. She has perfect body size, though not meets 000 size of US standards. But you need to admit that she looks adorable.

sam model is a mother of three

The best thing about Models of Diversity is its broad spectrum of shapes, sizes, races, colors, ages and abilities,etc. In fashion industry, there are always some standards set for the models.the body image is acceptable and unacceptable based on certain norms and rules. But diverse model appearance on run-way might bring a positive change. The run-way spectrum is quite narrow and stringent, it needs a little flexibility.

Interestingly, Models of Diversity gave invitation to all 33 year and size 16 models who were ready to appear on a catwalk show for “Wear it for Autism”. Actually, Anna Kennedy MBE organized a charity event last week. Natasha loved to take part into this event, because this event had everything about which she had passion and desire. She got a good reason to pull off a trendy designer outfit and also to dust off her killer heels.

According to Natasha, “Backstage, I saw naturally slender models, skin glowing and not a sunken eye in sight, chowing down on chocolate brownies. I shared the catwalk with a (brilliantly witty) transsexual called Nicole, ‘ridiculously hot Jack’ (as he shall henceforth be known) who has a metal leg, Sam who is a 41 year old Mum of three and Barbara, owner of the biggest boobs in Christendom (and an even bigger Afro).As I showcased a dress by talented new designer Jennifer Klein in front of an audience who included Mitch Winehouse, Amy Willerton and Arlene Phillips, I couldn’t have been more proud.”

Models of Diversity is indeed a great concept to try in fashion industry. It is indeed boring to look same all the time, runway could be better and more interesting if we can see models of different races, colors, regions, etc. What do you think about this concept? Share with us.

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