Meanings and ideas of popular Skull tattoo Designs

Tattoo is what you have to carry for long time on your body, so it is advisable to you to know complete meaning of it before getting ink splashes on your body. When it comes to popular tattoos, we also mention skull tattoo designs. These tattoos are quite popular among men and women. In the beginning, skull only symbolized death and decay. But now we have many other meanings of skull tattoos. I’m sure you would like to know deep meanings of these tattoos, so let’s start our discovery.

Hamlet and Skull

Many of you might have read or watch Hamlet, the great play written by William Shakespeare. In this play, Hamlet finds Yorick’s skull- the King’s former Court Jester, in the graveyard in the first scene of ACT V. He speaks to skull directly because he fixates on death’s inevitability and the disintegration of the body. The skull is used in the play for symbolizing mortality and death. In the end, no one can escape from death, even Kings are eaten by worms. So, death is unavoidable. People who like Hamlet also get skull tattoo designs to represents mortality and death.

skull and women tattoo designs

Meaning of Skull tattoo in Christian Culture

In this culture, skulls have been used to demonstrate eternity, human vanity and repentance for many decades. In this way, skull tattoo is a reminder to keep to the straight and narrow. You may find Adam’s skull at the foot of Cross in many medieval paintings. The meaning of this painting is the Redemption. A skull with a serpent crawling through the socket was an ancient symbol for knowledge and immortality. It is also a favorite emblem that denotes a “Knowledge surviving death”. Skull tattoo designs are normally inspired from masterpieces of Renaissance where portraits of Saints, Cardinals, Royalty and Popes have a skull as a reminder of great importance of living a virtuous life.

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Human Skull Tattoo Symbolizes Victory

In history,Skull was a popular symbol of victory over the enemy and also a warning to the people defeated in a battle. Victors like to keep collection of skulls in public places as a clear declaration of triumph. Some conquering kings worn skull and drunk out of it. These days, guys and girls who want to represent some sort of victory of life normally opt for skull tattoo designs.

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Skull tattoo in Buddhism and Hinduism

You can see skull in art of Buddhism and Hinduism. Kali –The Hindu Goddess of Death wear a necklaces of skulls. Yama-The Buddist Lord of death has five skulls around his head. These skull demonstrates the conquest of anger, greed, pride, envy and ignorance.

realistic  skull tattoo meanings and ideas

Skull Tattoo meaning is Change in life

Skull makes clear that man is mortal, he has to die one day. Death is the biggest change in life. Some people get a skull tattoo designs to show this meaning. They get this tattoo just to make sure that they can make the most from their lives. They play nicely in this world. They will die, but it is good to enjoy every moment of life before a big and unavoidable change comes in the form of death.

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Skull and Crossbones tattoos Meanings

Skull with crossbones is a symbol of danger. Girls love to get this kind of tattoo on their back just to warn boys that they are very dangerous. It is indeed a good tattoo idea to try by girls. You can get this tattoo design on your back, shoulder, hand, etc.

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Skull and rose tattoo Meanings

You are able to find great diversity in skull tattoo designs. Skull and rose is a very popular tattoo design that is a symbol of duality. Skull tattoo means death and decay while rose tattoo means life and death. So, when you combine both symbol then it simply describes death and life or decay and beauty. It also demonstrates everlasting struggle of evil-good and beauty-ugliness. It also beefs us a belief that death comes from life.

rose and skull tattoo ideas roses and skull tattoo meanings

rose and skull tattoo designs
red rose and skull tattoo designs

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Girly skull tattoo meaning

Skull tattoos aren’t only for men. These tattoos can also be worn by girls. However, they usually like to add some feminine appeal to skull tattoo designs. Girly skull tattoo features skull with smooth edges and purple or pink bow. Women who are in a relationship love to get skull with heart eyes and bow. Couples also like to get matching girly and boy type skull tattoo designs.

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Meaning and Ideas of Sugar skull tattoo design

Sugar skull tattoo is worn by people just to recognize the Mexican “Day of the Dead” holiday celebrated in Mexico on November 1 and 2. This holiday is an opportunity to live the lives of your friends and family members who have gone away from your lives. Skull is the most common symbol of this holiday. This symbol is represented with calacas-masks and skull images known as sugar skulls. The meaning of Mexican Skull tattoo, Day of Dead tattoo or sugar skull tattoo designs is giving a tribute to your loved one lost. Mexican belief is not only embraced by Mexicans but also people belong to other cultures. Thereby, it has become one of the popular tattoo designs.

red sugar skull tattoo design sugar_skull_tattoo_design day of dead tattoo designs w

Now you have explored meanings and ideas of Skull tattoo designs. It would be easy for you to decide whether you need a simple skull tattoo, girly skull tattoo or sugar skull tattoo. Go and pick the best design for you.

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