Meaning and Ideas of Shamrock and Clover tattoo Design

Many times, you see that girls and guys appear with clover or shamrock tattoo design and you really like this design. You start considering it as your next tat but you would surely like to know what meanings of Shamrock and Clover tattoos design are. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to explore meanings and ideas of shamrock and clover tattoos.

clover tattoo designs

Celtic Heritage Representation

It is good to know that both Shamrock and Clover tattoo represents Celtic Heritage in the clear-cut manner. Shamrock and Clover remained a big part of Ireland for Centuries. Before you proceed further, you must know what is difference between clover and shamrock. Shamrock has three leaves while Clover has four leaves. It is really hard to locate clover. Since they represent Celtic history, therefore tattooist normally create shamrock and clover tattoo designs with Celtic knot-work.

shamrock celtic tattoo

tribal shamrock tattoo design

Get Shamrock and Clover Tattoo for your Luck

Shamrock or Clover tattoo is the best symbol for good luck.There are many people who think that good luck is missing in their lives, so they get clover or shamrock tattoo design; just like a person wears luck charm. Since this tattoo makes a person lucky, so it is another reason behind the rising popularity of it.

clover leaf tattoo for luck

Clover Tattoo Meanings

It is good to know that every leaf of clover tattoo design has symbolic meanings. First leaf represents hope, second demonstrates faith, third is for love while fourth leaf symbolizes luck.

clover leaf tattoo behind ear

small clover tattoo design

Meanings of Shamrock Tattoo Designs

Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland .It was considered sacred centuries ago by most ancient Celtic cultures. This tattoo represents life. Other meanings of shamrock tattoo design are reborn, hope of new life, life in general. The people usually wear this tattoo either for heritage or to represents anything related to life.

shamrock and fire tattoos

shamrock leaves tattoos

meanings of Shamrock tattoos

Ideas of Shamrock and Clover Tattoo Design

Let’s grab some cool ideas of Clover and Shamrock tattoos here.

Shamrock tattoo designs and meaning

clover leaf tattoo ideas

cool shamrock tattoos

clover lead tattoo for back women

clover tattoo designs for girls


Tribal Shamrock and Clover Tattoo ideas

There are many different ways to create shamrock or clover tattoos. As we all know, St.Patrick used a shamrock for a representation of basic concept of Holy Trinity and since that time green color is associated with St. Patrick’s Day. So, Shamrock is also symbolizes the Holy Trinity.In Tribal tattoo art, tattooist normally centered Shamrock and Celtic tattoo in a tattoo design.

tribal clover tattoos

tribal shamrock tattoo design

Now you know designs, ideas and meanings of Shamrock and Clover tattoo design. So, would you like to get this tattoo for representation of luck, life, the Holy Trinity, etc.

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