Makeup Trends 2015: Monochrome vs Colorful Eyeshadows

Makeup trends 2015 Girls who want to follow latest makeup trends  2015  must have to decide about trendy eyeshadow colors. So, it’s good to know this trend by keeping your eyes on latest fashion magazines. When it comes to eyeshadow colors then you need to say hello to “Burgundy”. You need to create sexy eye-makeup looks with pink ,Bordeux and Coral orange.

eye makeup ideas
Coral orange eye makeup
makeup trends 2015 natural eyes
Natural eye makeup trends 2015
2015 makeup trends and ideas
dark color eye makeup 2015

Colorful Eyeshadows are important part of latest makeup ideas. That’s mean you need to play with many different colors this season. Try vibrant colors as they look fantastic and also define beauty of your eyes with utmost clarity. It’s good to make the most from Coral orange and Burgandy, which let you to get really modern looks.

2015 makeup trends ideas
Soft eye makeup trends 2015
natural eye makeup
natural eye makeup trends 2015

burgandy eye makeup

Makeup trends 2015 is not all about colored eyeshadows, it also give you a chance to look elegant and graceful by putting your hand on cool and soft touch eyeshadows such as beige, brown, grey and black. It’s good to make a combo of these sober colors with natural lips.

2015 makeup trends fake lashes
Fake lashes makeup trends 2015
grey eyes girl makeup
Makeup for Grey eyes

Normally, professional women opt for natural beauty trends 2015 as they have to work in corporate settings where they can’t use vibrant colors. However, chic girls and women love to play with colorful eyeshadows- this trend of makeup comes straight from fashion catwalks. So, in this way there are two categories of makeup : one who loves to use monochrome eyeshadow and another one likes to make the most from colorful eyeshadows.

eye makeup for brown eyes
Beige eye makeup for brown eye s
2015 brown eye makeup
Brown eye makeup

No matter which category you belong to, you always need start your makeup with good base. Try moisturizing foundation in winter because it lets you get glowing skin. Don’t forget to use eye concealer before you put shades on; without it you can’t define your eyes in right way.

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