Makeup as Jewelry is a new Trend set by Paris Fashion Week

Girls! it is time to know about the latest fashion trends of 2014-15 that we saw at Paris Fashion Week. Makeup as jewelry is a latest trend set in this fashion week. Makeup is normally used to adore facial beauty now it will be used on enhancing the grace of your earlobes. At Paris Fashion Week last day, ear makeup trend had been seen. Model appeared on Anthony Vaccarello runway with their mind blowing threads and minimal makeup. Liquid liner and glitter is used for intensifying the beauty of earlobes.

makeup jewelry trend 2014-15

Makeup artist Tom Pecheux is a person behind makeup as jewelry trend. See how he described this trend responsible US magazine Allure: “Anthony came up with the idea to create a piece of jewellery using makeup…But putting it on the face looked very tribal.”.

Before makeup jewelry trend, we saw another trend of temporary jewelry like tattoos in the celebrities. Beyonce, Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba got temporary jewel tattoos. Now we will be able to see a brand new fashion trend of “Makeup as Jewelry”.

Right now makeup artist used black liquid liner to adore earlobes but if this trend becomes popular then we can give it a new twist with gold or colored liners. This makeup jewelry trend won’t be limited to earlobes, it might shifted to arm, neck and finger of models and girls, very soon; we expect.

So, go and copy this fabulous makeup jewelry trend of 2014-15 from Paris Fashion Week


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