How to make updo with a crown of Braids? Tutorial

Want to look the prettiest girl in a special party? It is suggested to go and make updo with a crown of braids. These days, braided hairstyles are in trend. So, if you combine a sleek updo with wonderful braids topping then surely you will be able to get an eye-catching look. If you don’t know how to make a stylish braided updo hairstyle then I’m here with a step-by-step guide for your comfort. Before you check this hairstyle, you must know that this hairstyle is suitable for girls with medium or long hair. It is better to make your hair straight before you start this kind of hairstyling. Let’s first get a close look at the end look of this hairstyle and then obtain the detail tutorial of it.

braided updo hairstyleWhat you need for Updo hairstyling?

You must have following things before you make updo hairstyle:

  • Hair brush and comb
  • hair pins
  • styling gel
  • Hair spray

How to Make updo with a crown of braids?

You have to follow 10 simple steps for making this stylish and trendy hair updo.

Step No.1 and 2

You need to apply styling spray on your hair. Comb your hair and remove all tangles. Lift your hair up and divide hair into two equal parts. There is no need to touch your fringe while making an updo, let it fly in the air.

hair updo steps


Step No.3 and 4

You need to tease your front section of hair. Teasing also known as backcombing. Your task is to tease the hair as much as you can, so you will have good volume of hair at front.

Pin up your hair updo with the bobby pins. Slightly brush your hair for getting smooth look. You can also use hair spray on updo just to fix it at its high volume and place.


step by step hair updo

Step No.5

If you are going to attend a casual party then you can leave your back hair with this front hair updo. You will surely look amazing with this hairstyle. However, if you have to attend a formal function then you must have to proceed with a crown of braids.

step by step hair updo

Step No.6

Divide lower part of your hair into two equal sections.

steps of hair updo

Step No.7

You have one right and one left hair portion. Divide right portion of hair into two equal parts and then start making a cute rope braid with two strands of hair. You only need to twist and wrap two hair strands around each other. You have to make the same rope braid with left section of hair

step by step guide of hair updo


Step No.8

Take left side rope braid and then lift it up and set it in the crown of your head next close to front hair updo. You have to set end roots of your left rope braid behind right ear. Use hair pins for fixing the braid.


crown of braid and updo

Step No.9 and 10

Now take the right rope braid and then set it next to left robe braid at the crown are of scalp. You have to hide end portion of your right rope braid behind left ear with the use of bobby pins.






step by step tutorial of hair updoFinally

Hurrah, you are done with a very sleek and classy hair updo that has an attractive crown of double rope braid.

make an updo

Accentuate Braided hair updo

As you are going to attend a very special party then you would like to decorate your hair updo. You need to make updo and then to accentuate with colorful flower. Here, I pick black flower just to enhance the grace of this hairstyle.You can pick a flower color that matches with your outfit.

updo and flower accessoryMust try this crown of rope braid and updo at a special party. If you have some question regarding the tutorial? Don’t hesitate to ask, I’m here for your assistance all the time. Just use comment box.





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