How to Make Boho braids? Check tutorial and Tips

The trend of Boho baids has been  increasing with the passage of time. Girls who follow Zoe Saldana and Blake Lively often opt for side braided hairstyles. These styles have become very popular among women. No doubt, such braids offer style and grace to one’s personality.

boho braid for girls
Zoe Saldana and Blake Lively Boho braids

Products you’ll need

  • A soft bristle brush for removing knots
  • An Elastic band for securing braid

boho braids hairstyles

How to make boho braids at home?

Here are five easy steps that let you make such braids at home.

Step No.1 You need to make braid in hair which aren’t freshly washed and has a little slept-on texture. Brush your hair and side part them.

Step No.2 Pull all hair at one side and start making braid in this side. Start from top and lead towards the ear.

Step No.3 keep braiding around the head just above the hairline. When you get close to other side of the head then you need to wrap the length of your hair into a regular plaits that hangs past on your shoulder. Secure it with a hairband that is matching color of your own hair.

Step No.4 Some girls love to lead plait into a hair bun just above the ear, so you can also try same idea.

Step No.5 Secure hair bun close to the crown. Now pull a few hair strands beside the ears. Use hair spray and give your chic braids a perfect finish.


boho braided hairstyles bun with boho braided hair

Important Tips

  • Comb your hair as much as you can, you need to remove all knots.
  • Start this braid with dry hair, if hair is wet then you need to blow-dry hair.
  • You need to side part your hair with your fingers instead of a comb.  Try to grab undone look, not need to opt for tight hair.
  • Pull all your hair at one side and then make braid. There are two main braids to try: one is French braid and second is simple plait.
  • Secure braid with elastic and you can also leave out some hair strands  free for enhancing the beauty of your face.


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How to make braids in short hair?

There are many girls who say that their hair length is short but they still want to make these braids. They can try two options: add some extensions to hair or to use a ribbon in hair. Look at Diana Kruger as she gave you a perfect idea. Tie your braid with a long ribbon that would give your braid an extra length.

boho braids and wavy hairstyles classy boho braids

How to make braids in thick hair?

Some girls have thick and curly hair and they want to enhance the beauty of their hair with braided hairstyles. In such cases, you need to straight some hair, make braids and set other hair strands free.

best boho braided hairstyles

What to do when braids fall out quickly?

There are many girls who complain that their braids fall out quickly. There are two ways to deal with this issue. First of all, you can make braids when your hair is dirty. Your hair grease keeps hair to their position for long time. Another way to handle this problem is to make an intricate braid hairstyle.

modern boho braids girls

It’s time to give a try to boho braided hairstyles and grab an eye-catching look.



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