Have a look at Dior Handbags Collection Fall Winter 2014-15

In case you need some really cool handbags for Fall winter then you have to browse Dior Handnags collection Fall Winter 2014-15. In this collection you would be able to find flap bag that adds elegantly urban attitude into one’s personal. The chic handbag collection was uncovered during Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion show.

dior handbags collection fall winter 2014

Interestingly, you are able to carry Dior latest handbag 2014 in five different ways such as a clutch, on the shoulder, on the arm, in your hands or across your body. So, you can change the way you carry a handbag based on your preference. This one handbag will offer you five comfortable way of handling. You can change the way whenever you like.

Price of Dior Handbags Collection Fall Winter 2014-15

You are able to find Dior handbags in five different colors red, yellow, light blue, black and white.The price of small size bag stars from $3,700.00 (USD) while medium size bag in tri-color price is around $5,400.00 (USD).

Dior Smooth Black CalfSkin handbag 2014

Smooth Black Calfskin from Dior handbags collection Fall Winter 2014-15 is my favorite since this handbags has two-tone effect. You would see luxurious rose Dragee leather inside the bag. The bold twist to Dior handbag is added by designer through silver tone details. You would love to carry this bag with you.

dior handbags 2014

2014 smooth dior handbags

black smooth handbag of dior 2014

Be Dior handbag in Jauve VIF Crocodile

Citrus yellow is among the prominent color for designer handbags of 2014-15. Almost every other brand opted for this color. You would love yellow Crocodile Dior handbag that is designed in a very amazing way.

be dior hangbags 2014 falldior yellow bag 2014 falldior crocodile yellow bag 2014 fall

Dior Handbag in Black BullCalf leather

In case you need leather handbag in winter 2014 then Dior offers you the best design. The elegant black bag has bullcalf leather that is smooth. The glam factor would be instantly added to your personality, if you opt for one handbag from Dior Handbags collections Fall Winter 2014-15.

dior bull calf handbag


Dior Bag in Black Calfskin, Jean and Vermillion details

Girls who need dual-tone handbags this winter would love to browse the black bag that looks wonderful with jean and vermilion details. The look of bag is simply wonderful and you would feel great when you carry it.

dior black bull calf handbag 2015 winterdior black handbags 2015black vermillon handbags of dior 2014

Dior Smooth White Calfskin Bag with Black Details

White always look perfect with black, so you can find this wonderful combination in Dior handbags collection fall winter 2014-15.White calfskin handbag has stunning black details. This bag enhances your beauty and adds some style.dior white handbags 2014

dior smooth white handbagdior white handbag 2014


Dior Mineral Blue Bullcalf leather handbag

Another leather bag that has style and grace is Mineral blue handbag of Dior that has soft leather inside. In case you don’t need common black or white handbag then mineral blue seems to be the best color option for you. It is one of my favorite color in Dior handbags collection fall winter 2014-15.

dior mineral blue handbag 2015dior mineral blue handbag winter 2014dior mineral blue handbags

Dior Vermillion Smooth Calfskin handbag

Another cool color in the collection of Dior Handbag is Vermillion. This handbag makes you bold and beautiful. When you have to get a bag for special occasion or party then you can take into consideration vermillion Dior handbag.


pink and vermillon dior bag fall 2014vermillion calfskin dior bag winter 2014

Dior Handbag Collection Fall Winter 2014-15 is quite cool and fabulous. You would surely like to the way in which designer design the bag. This handbag is suitable for working women who want to look trendy and organized always. After discovering Dior handbag collection, you may like to get one for you.



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