Look bold and beautiful with Edgy hairstyles 2015

Why always get a sleek and straight haircut when you can boost up your beauty with edgy hairstyles 2015? You can add edges to your short, medium or long haircut. Edges make your simple hairstyle super-modern and stylish. Every girl who gives this hairstyle a try is able to get a bold beauty look. This hairstyle isn’t very easy-to-carry, so only daring girls should opt for it. Let’s unlock some cool edgy hairstyles for girls in 2015.

Edgy bob haircut

If you have decided to get a very short bob haircut then you should also consider getting a razor-sharp bob haircut. This particular hairstyle makes your appearance quite magnetic. If you are a teenage or young girl then you can enhance charm of this hairstyle by adding some color highlights into it. Some teens love to change their hair color with this edgy haircut, so you can also opt for the same idea.

short edgy bob hairstyleedgy bob haircut ideas

edgy bob hairstyle 2015

edgy bob haircut

Edgy Shaggy haircut

Shaggy hairstyle suits to almost every girl. Though it is not a very common hairstyle but it is going to be one of the popular edgy hairstyles 2015; since many celebrities are turning toward it. Let’s get example from Twilight’s Bella i.e. Kristen Stewart who wore a very charming edgy shag plus bob haircut. Good thing about shaggy short hairstyle is that you can style it in your own ways. Choose one side, get an edgy fringe and then try your own unique styling. No need to follow any other girl.

short shaggy edgy hairstyles

short edgy hairstyles

shaggy edgy haircut

shaggy edgy haircut kristen stewart

girls edgy hairstyles

Edgy Medium hairstyle

If you already have a medium haircut then you can enhance the charm with the mean of some sharp edges. It’s good to get an edgy hair fringe since a hair dresser can easily make changes into the fringe. Instead of chopping whole hair length off, you can wear trendy edgy hairstyles 2015 by bringing a few edges into your hair bangs.

medium edgy hair

color and edgy emo hairstyle

brown edgy hairstyles for girl

side edgy hairstyle ideas

Edgy hairstyles for short hair

It’s really easy to add edges into your short hair bangs. girls who have short pixie, boy-cut or any other short haircut can use hair gel to get perfect edges into their hair. They can also ask their hair dresser to make edges into their existing hairstyle.

pixie edgy hairstyles

short edgy hairstyles for girls

edgy pixie hairstyles 2015

Edgy hairstyle for Long hair

Some girls think that if they opt for an edgy hairstyle then they have to cut short their hair, it is absolutely wrong. Hairstyles such as Indie hairstyles, scene hairstyles, emo hairstyles, etc are categorized under edgy hairstyles. These hairstyle don’t want you to cut short your hair. There is only a need to turn your front hair section into edges. Some girls don’t cut the hair, they make edges via hair gel but it is a time consuming process. You can get edgy long hair by blunt haircut of front hair bangs.

pink blonde emo hair

edgy hairstyles for long hair girls

edgy hairstyles for long hair

long edgy hairstyles

Edgy hairstyles 2015 are quite robust, you can make your look simply great via it. So, Try any of them and get a bold girl look.


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