Look at Amazing RIP tattoo designs and meanings

Have you lost someone? Want to get RIP (Rest in Peace) tattoo in the memory of that person? I think you have hit the right place. Here I have very amazing collection of Rip Tattoo designs. Every design is cool and you would be able to pick the best idea for yourself.

foot prints and rip tattoo

What is RIP tattoo?

RIP or R.I.P stands for Rest in Peace. RIP tattoo is a memorial tattoo kind. People who have lost their loved ones, usually like to drop ink of their loved one death date, name, picture, etc on their body. It is a way to show enormous love and affection to their loved ones. It is quite hard to forget a person who matters a lot to you. So, when you feel that you have lost them then you can still feel them close with rip tattoos.

American flag and RIP tattoodeath date and rip tattooRest in peace tattoo hand

Meanings of RIP Tattoos

Meaning of RIP tattoo is very simple, you don’t want to forget a person whom you have lost. Therefore, you are going to get a tattoo in the loving memory of that person. Generally, people get tattoos in the loving memory of their parents and grandparents. But again there are many cases when boyfriend or husband get RIP tattoo in the loving memory of their partners; in this case a person usually get a rose along with Rest in Peace tattoo design.

rip tattoo with crown and crossRest in peace tattoo for back Rest in peace tattoorip tattoo friend

Famous Designs of RIP tattoos

There is a great variation you can see in RIP tattoos. Different people like different style and designs. Most commonly this memorial tattoo has a cross. Christian usually like to write the death date along with a cross and it is a perfect RIP tattoo design.Another idea that Christian usually like to try is angel wings and death date.

stylish rip tattoo designrip tattoo with cross and flowercross and rip tattoo designsrip tattoo with angel wings

Some people like to get a portrait of a person who has died instead of writing a death date. Another design that seems good is to add a bird into RIP tattoo designs. Humming bird and dove are two commonly used bird in this kind of tattoo.

friend image RIP tattooRip tattoo design

rip tattoo ideas

Writing the name of a person who has died along with his death date and your favorite symbol is another great design for this memorial tattoo. Some people like to add some quotes in this tattoo design, which is another amazing style to try.

RIP tattoo with cross and rose

If you need a really cool idea for RIP tattoo designs then you have to go for graveyard epitaph. You can write whatever you like one epitaph. For example, you can write name, death date and some good qualities of dead person on it.

graveyard epitaph RIP tattoo designs RIP tattoo with graveyard epitaph

RIP Tattoo designs are numerous, but you need to pick a design depending on the space where you are going to drop tattoo ink. The most common areas where people get this tattoo are back, shoulder, arm, sleeves, ankle,etc.I’m sure now it would be very simple for you to pick the best tattoo design for yourself since you have discovered the best design ideas.

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