Let’s Check Beautiful and Unique Sister Tattoo ideas

Do you want to get a sister tattoo but only unique one? You have hit the right place. Here I will unlock some very amazing sister tattoo ideas for you.I’m sure you would love these great ideas and want to try any of them.

sister quote tattoo ideas

Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Bow is incomplete without arrow, if you feel yourself incomplete without your sister then you may like to get a bow and arrow tattoo designs. Some people get quote tattoo along with this tattoo design. You need to write an inspirational and heart-touching quote along with a tattoo just to make it a little amazing.

bow and arroow tattoo for sisters

Cracked Heart Tattoo

One of the popular sister tattoo ideas is cracked heart. This tattoo means that heart is in two pieces; one piece is incomplete without another. Heart can’t not beat correctly unless both pieces have joined. So, sisters are like cracked pieces of heart.

cracked heart sister tattoo

sister tattoo ideas cracked heart


Broken Quote Tattoo

One of the fabulous sister tattoo ideas is to opt for broken quote tattoo. One half part of quote should be written on one sister body and another part on another ones. The most popular quote is “you stay, I’ll stay. You go, I’ll go”. “To infinity… and beyond”.

broken quote sister tattoo ideas

to infinity and beyond sister tattoosquote tattoo ideas for sister

sister tattoos ideas quotesister lovely quote tsattoo ideas


Flower tattoo

Another cool idea to try as a matching sister tattoo is getting the same flowers. Flowers demonstrate love and beauty, so if you mean the same then you can opt for it.

flower tattoos for sister idea

Little Sister, Big Sister tattoo

It is another common version of sister tattoo design. Normally, this tattoo design is combined with a heart tattoo design but you can surely add your own symbol.

big sister small sister tattoo

little sister, big sister tattoo ideas

big sister little sister tattos


Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Tattoo

If you want to complete a jigsaw puzzle then you must have its complete pieces. One of the best sister tattoo ideas would be to get broken jigsaw puzzle tattoo. One piece of puzzle is on one sister’s body while another piece would be one second sister’s body. You can unlock the puzzle only when you have both pieces.

jigsaw puzzle tattoos for sister

jigsaw puzzle pieces tattoo ideas for sister

Funny cute owl Tattoo

Owl tattoo design is another cool idea to try as a sister tattoo. You can get female cute owl tattoo. The meaning of this tattoo is based on the characteristics of owl, that can see the truth hidden under mountain. Sisters also know each other very well, so they are able to know what is a truth in a situation.

owl tattoo ideas fir siser

Yin Yang Pieces Tattoo

You may also like to try a cool yin and yang tattoo idea as sister tattoo design. Ying Yang demonstrates anything opposite.

ying yang tattoo ideas for sister

yin yang sister tattoo ideas

Bird Tattoo Ideas

Girls love to get bird tattoos, since they demonstrate freedom, peace, love, etc. So, you may like to get colorful bird tattoo as your matching sister tattoo. Though it is one of the common sister tattoo ideas but it always look great.

two bird tattoos for sister


I’m sure loving sisters would love to try these very cool and amazing sister tattoo ideas. What idea you like the most? Don’t forget to leave your comments.

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