Latest short hairstyles of African American

Black women are quite fashion forward. They always keep their eyes on latest fashion trends, so they can adopt every trendy hairstyle, outfit and style. Today, I decided to pin point latest short hairstyles for African American, let’s have a look.

Short Pixie hairstyles

It is among the most fascinating short hairstyle for black women. Generally, black women keep the length of pixie cut shorter than usual or standard pixie. Some opt for 2 inch hair strands while most of them go for less or equal to one inch hair strand. This hairstyle makes your look instantly appealing and prominent.

blonde pixie hairstyles african american

pixie short hairstyle black women

short pixie hair black women

Buzz or Burr Cut Short hairstyle

This is the latest short haircut among African American. They love to cut short their hair in a way that scalp is also visible. In burr cut length of hair is a little longer than buzz haircut. There are many African American who have natural curly hair , this hairstyle seems to be a good option for them.

buzz cut hairstyles for womenbuzz cut hairstyle black womenblack women short curly hair

Short  Undercut hairstyle for Women

In this hairstyle, one side of head is shaved while keeping another side hair’s length longer. It is a considered as one of the chicest short hairstyles not only for Black but also white women. This hairstyle is usually worn by youngsters but many professional women also wear it. This hairstyle is also very popular among pop music artist. Both male and female like to rock their look with short undercut hairstyle.

undercut hairstyles black womenshort curly hairstyles black women

Black women short braided hairstyles

There are many African American who have short hair. Whenever they have to attend a formal party, they don’t know what style to try. It is suggested to them to go with their natural and traditional cornrow braid or simple braid hairstyle with curls or waves, as such short hairstyles always look appealing.

short hairstyles with braids black women

Black women short curly or wavy hairstyle

It is somehow very hard to keep your natural curly hair on heat pressure all the time. You embrace your natural curly hair this year as  short curly hairstyles are very high in demand in fashion industry. However, you only have to do one thing to them i.e. just dye your hair with vibrant colors and wear your natural curls with great pride; no need of using hair styling tools anymore. Another short hairstyle for black women is slightly wavy hair from the lower end.

natural curly hairstyles with red color

shocking punk curly hairblack women

short wavy hairstyles black women

Short Pompadour or Quiff hairstyle

Professional black women must opt for pompadour hairstyle as it always looks wonderful. Quiff is another great idea that you can try on casual parties.

pixie hairstyles black women
black modern pompadour black women

rihanna high pompadour black womenmodern pompadour hairstyles african american

In reality, African American has many different short hairstyles to try for. However, they should always give a try to latest and trendy short hairstyling.


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