Latest Indie Hipster Hairstyles for Girls with Long hair

Want to get a look of a perfect indie girl? It would be possible when you opt for indie hipster hairstyles. Normally, this hairstyle is worn by teenagers who always want to look different and cool. They want to make their appearance catchy via such hairstyles. Let’s check Hipster hairstyles for girls with long hair.

edgy indie hairstyles

Hair Color Does Real Magic

The most important part of Indie haircut is color. You need to choose a hair color that is unique and somehow not “normal”. That’s mean you don’t need to go for blonde, black, or brown. You have to make real fashion statement with very vibrant colors such as dark red, orange, blue, purple, etc. You can try literally any kind of color. Making a combination of one or two color is another great idea to try. Pastel colors are some really good options for girls who need soft touch in their hipster hairstyles.

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How to Wear Indie Hipster hairstyles?

If you have long hair then you can go with two popular styling options.

First is edgy indie hipster haircut. In this hairstyles, girls get edgy fringe that cover forehead and even their eyes. Hair falls from one side to another. Edgy hair bangs are usually combined with straight long hair.

indie hairstyle for girls

long indie hairstyles indie braid hairstyles grey indie hipster hairstyles purple pink and blue hairstyles indie hipster hairstyles for girls

Second cool method is to center part your hair and gets some bangs in full hair. This style is less common but it always looks good. Normally, girls don’t use any kind of hair serum or gel while center parting their hair because it is among casual hairstyles for girls.

pink indie hairstyles


blue indie hipster har


Indie Hipster hairstyles for girls with long hair can be styled formally. For this purpose, you have to add curls or waves in the hair. However, side bangs and edgy kind of this style looks more attractive than other styles.


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