Kristen Stewart Casual Look: Double Denim and Short Hairstyle

Kristen likes to appear with semi-formal look in many mega events. Sometimes, she opt for messy hairstyles other times she picks semi-formal clothing.  Her female fans like to emulate not only her hairstyles but also her dressing.  Today, I grab a very Kristen Stewar casual look images that were taken by Splash at an LA airport where she was checking in. According to reports, she was jetting off to  film more scenes of her upcoming movie “Equals”.

kristen stewart 2014 hairstyles

Kristen Stewart causal look comprises of double denim. We all know that there are two common ways of wearing double denim. Some people wear it very bad while other add an x-factor to their looks with it. No doubt, Kristen Stewart gave us a new way to look pretty cool with double denim.

kristen stewart hairstyles 2015

She made a combo of waist coat in a lighter wash and a loose-fit vast jeans.She may don’t know but she made a perfect combination. She compliment her casual look with short hair tresses that very as undone as her jeans was.

causal look of kristen stewart

So girls! Are you ready to copycat Kristen Stewart casual look? I’m sure you will love to do this.

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