Jessica Hart Hair Tutorial: Reverse French Braid updo

Women usually take inspiration of hairstyles from top models and celebrities. So, today I decided to give them an amazing hairstyle inspiration. I’m here to share Jessica Hart hair tutorial. In case you don’t need Jessica then you would love to know that she is a famous Australian Model. So, lets’ check a step by step tutorial of making a Reverse French braid updo just like one pulled off by Jessica.
jessica hart hair tutorial celebrity
Things You’ll need
Bobby hair pins
Hair comb
Jessica Hart Hair Tutorial: Reverse French Braid updo
It is very simple to create French braid, almost every girl know how to create it. So, this updo tutorial won’t be very difficult. In case you don’t have any idea how to make a French braid then I’m here to share this guide as well. So, let’s start braiding process.
Step No.1 Comb your hair and take a thick hair section from top and divide it into three equal parts.
Step No.2 You need to create a reverse version of simple French braid hairstyle.For this purpose, you have to cross strands “under the middle” hair section instead of “Over the middle”. This is only difference between reverse and simple hairstyle
Step No.3 Pick hair section from right side and add it into your braid.
Step No.4 Pick hair section from left side and insert it into again.
Step No. 5 You need to continue braiding.
Step No.6 You should try to keep hairstyle straight and tight. Keep adding hair strand into your reverse braid.
Step No.7 When no hair is there for addition, then you make a simple three strand braid and secure it into an elastic hair band.
Step No.8 Loose middle area of your hairstyle a little bit with your fingers.
Step No.9 Roll end of your French hairstyle and set it on your nape with bobby pins.
Step No.10 It’s time to have a look at your braid, just to make sure everything is set.
Hurrah! You are done with Jessica Hart hair Tutorial. It would be really amazing for you to create a chic updo hairstyle at home. Try it and share your opinions with us.

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