Intricate Braided updo hairstyle Step-by-Step

The girls who have long hair are able to style their hair into multiple ways. They can make ponytails, hair bun and updos. For a special party and occasion, they usually prefer braided updo hairstyle since it is looks quite graceful. So, today I’m here with a step-by-step guide of an intricate braid updo hairstyle that you would love to try at home.

stylish braided updo hairstyle for girls

Time required: 20 minutes

What you will need?

You must have following things before you try this hairstyle.

  • hair brush
  • hair pins
  • elastic ponytail
  • hair catchers
  • Curling iron

Step-by-Step Intricate Braided updo hairstyle Tutorial

You have to follow 8 easy and simple steps for getting this hairstyle.

Step No.1 Apply styling serum on your hair and then turn on curling iron. You have to slighlty curl your hair.

Step No.2 Divide your hair into five equal parts. You have to start work on three back parts of hair. It is good to catch two side locks into a catcher over your head. You have to make simple three strand braid of each part and then to secure the hair into an elastic ponytail. You should make neat and tight braid just to get intricate and classic hair updo look.

step by step braided updo hairstyle for girls

Step No.3 In order to get thick hair look, you need to loose side braid a little bit with your fingers.

Step No.4 Time to loose other two simple braids before you proceed further with updo.

Step No.5 Now it’s time to set the simple braid. You first need to pick middle braid and set it in the center of your back side. Now you have to pick right side braid and fix it over middle braid. You can use bobby pins for fixing each braid into its position. At the end, you need to set left simple braid over other two braids.

updo tutorial for girls

Step No.6 As you have done with back hair, it’s right time to unlock the front locks.

Step No.7 Make three strand loose English braid of front hair locks.

Step No.8 Once you have done with braiding, you need to wrap both braids around other three braids.

braid updo hairstyle step by step

Hurrah! you are done with a nice-looking intricate braided updo hairstyle.

Important Tips for Creating Perfect Braided updo hairstyle

Here are four important tips that will make it easy for you to create a nice-looking updo.

  1. Comb your hair properly before you start hairstyling, otherwise tangles will come into your way.
  2. Don’t loose a braid too much otherwise you will get messy updo look.
  3. Try to wrap last two braids around other braids in a way that you get a smooth updo at the end.
  4.  Keep bobby pin handy, you may have to use them any time.

It won’t be difficult for you now to look adorable at a special party since you can draw out your beauty via this braid updo hairstyle.


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