Inspirational Emo hairstyles for Girls

Many times, you see the girls with side-swept chopped bangs and colorful highlights in the rest of hair, this is particularly a hairstyle known as Emo. This hairstyle is quite famous among teenagers who love to look cool by getting unique and stylish haircut. Some girls get choppy layers of their front bangs while others opt for sleek side-swept hair that cover their one or both eyes. This hairstyle surely offers a perfectly girly look.

short emo hairstyles for girls

History of Emo hairstyle

Just like Mohawk and punk hairstyle, choppy Emo hairstyle has its original root in music industry. Actually, Emo is a rock music style featured by melodic musicianship and expressive lyrics. This music style established in the mid-1980s hardcore punk movement of Washington D.C., At that time people named it as “Emotional Hardcore” or “Emocore”. Rites of Spring and Embrace were two pioneer bands of this music style. This style modified in the early 1990s by different music groups such as Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate. In early 2000s, it became the best selling music style since Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional got success, it was the time when its subgenre “screamo” also emerged. Emo is not used to describe only a music band or its history, it’s also used to explain a specific relationship between fans and artist and also to highlight related aspects of fashion, culture and behavior.

zinc black emo hairstyles

Definition of Emo hairstyles

When it comes to definition of Emo haircut, you don’t find anything specific. The reason is that this hairstyle came into existence just after the popularity of Emo fashion from 2000s. The people who followed this fashion usually wear jeans of bright colors, very close-fitting and also short sleeved T-shirts having music band names or logo on it. An important part of this fashion was Emo hairstyles. A normal Emo hairstyle look means thin, flat and smooth on back and long side swept bangs covering one or both eyes, girls always have lots of hair on one side while keeping straight hair at another side.

blue blonde emo hairstyles

Emo Hairstyles Look Variations

In past, girls usually wore long Emo hair.But now short Emo hairstyles are more popular. Girls ask the hairstylist to chop the hair from front and sides. In the beginning, Emo hairstyles were clean cut. However, when this hairstyle came into the regime of teens then this hairstyle got a different and absurd look. Here are some inspirational Emo hairstyles look variations that a girl can try.

Blonde seems smashing

Most commonly, girls bleach their hair and dye with blonde shade whenever they need to grab blond Emo hairstyle look. It’s always advisable to try sharp highlights or color dyes with this haircut. Always choose the best hairstylist, if you want to get the exact choppy layers for the side swept bangs.

blonde and black emo haircut

 Don’t Dye Just Go with Natural Black

If you have natural dark black hair color then there is no need to dye your hair. Emo haircut looks fabulous in black color hair. In order to compliment your hairstyle, you should get dark black thick eyeliner on bottom and upper eyelid. Dark your eyes as black as your hair is and you would be able to get perfect Emo or Emotional hardcore look.

trendy black emo hairstylesblack emo hairstyles for girls

emo hairstyles for girls

Single color Emo Haircut looks graceful

Blonde is a typical shade but if you need something atypical then you can opt for other bright color Emo such as dark green, blue, purple, pink, red, etc. This color variation is due to Emo band modification by punk bands. As you know punk hairstyle usually has colored bangs. In the same way, many girls have Emo haircut with bright colors.

plaum shade emo hairstyleshort emo hairstyles golden brown

orange pink emo hairstyles


Dual Color Emo Hairstyle is Dramatic

Instead of going for single color Emo, you can try two different shades. There are tons of color combinations to choose from. Commonly, girls get short Emo hairstyles of green and blonde, pink and blonde, white and brown, etc.

gold brown and black short emo hairstyles for girls

short black emo hairstyles

Triple shade Emo is super cute

Color is a vital thing of Emo haircut, girls love to prefer dual color hairstyle over triple colors since they have tons of combination to pick from. Before a girl dye her hair, she should consider her complexion and face cut. If her complexion is white and face cut is wide then she can surely opt for more than two colors and tons of choppy layers. However, if complexion is dark then she should dye hair with light colors and opt for a few chopped hair strands.

zinc, pink and blonde emo hairstyles

triple shade emo hairstyles for girls

pink blonde and black emo hairstyles

Must Try Rainbow Emo hairstyles

This is indeed the most fascinating Emo variation. This rainbow hairstyle is quite unique and inspiring. You need to choose more than three or four colors for adoring Emo haircut. You can dye your hair into different colors, if you need a permanent Emo look. In case you want to get this hairstyle for a special party then you should skip hair dying and try colored hair chalk.

rainbow emo hairstyles for girls

purple pink and black emo hairstyles

Think before you Try Emo hairstyles

No doubt, Emo hairstyle always looks very eye-catching and trendy but they come along with a shortcoming i.e. high maintenance. That’s mean if you opt for this hairstyle then you need to spend an hour daily on your hair before you go out. You have to spend a lot on styling gel and creams. Girls usually get bored from one hairstyle after one or two month. However, if they get this hairstyle then they need to wait at least 6 months to try a new hairstyle because chopped layers don’t grow quickly; they need time and proper care.

black emo haircut

I gave you complete ideas of fascinating and trendy Emo hairstyles for girls.Now it won’t be hard for you to decide whether you need an EMO or not and what idea will work for you. I am sure girl will enjoy these fascinating hairstyle. Interestingly, I have made of a collection of 15 emo hairstyles for boys as well.

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