Innovative Bed Styles 2014 to Make You Spellbound

There was a time when bunk beds were considered as a stylist icon in the interior decor of child’s room because the design was somewhat more creative and compelling. Later several designs of bed came into the market, some would stay in the fashion while others would simply went back from they were being designed for lacking the ‘x-factor’. Not to mention, the human beings love creativity when it comes to home decor and interior design, even we want our bathrooms to have the scent of fresh flowers even this is not the place for the flowers to be in the first place- we expect more and this has increased the standard scale of the bed designs.
Today I am going to share some of the most innovative bed styles 2014 that will make you spellbound if not numbed for a second.

Yummy Cheesy Sandwich Bed

cheese sandwich bed style 2014

Bridge Style Bed bridge style bed 2014

Steel Net Bed 2014steelnet bed 2014

Hanging bed style hanging bed 2014

Phone box/phone style bedCellphone case bed 2014

Book bed Blank book bed 2014

3D Techno Club Bedtechno-club bed 2014

Floating Bed, up in the airFloating bed style 2014

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