What is important in Scene Makeup?

Scene is no doubt an amazing look that every girl like to try sometime in her life. This look is very famous among teenagers especially those who are quite concerned about their style and attitude. It’s not really hard to grab this look. First thing is to get  emo hairstyle and next important thing is to do scene makeup. Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while doing this makeup.

scene hair red and black eye makeuo

Focus on eyes always

This look is not all about hairstyle but is also dependent on your eye makeup. You need to know how to define your eyes in an eye catching manner. Use dark black eyeliner and apply it on and under your eyes. When it comes to eye shadows, you need to work with warm shades such as charcoal, black, dark purple, light purple, dark green, blue, etc.  Some girls have beautiful eyes and they like to do their dark makeup with soft colors such as light pink or grey.

makeup scene hair teenager girls scene hair how to do scene hair and makeup pink scene hair and makeup

Change your eye color

If you can get colored lenses then it is indeed a great option for scene makeup. You can use attractive colored eye lenses. Triple shades eye lenses suit to all. You need to choose a color that changes your eye look without makeup. There is no need to go with natural colors. You have to make your look simply amazing but it would only be possible when you pick right color of contact lenses.

scene hairstyles blonde and pink scene hairstyels scene makeup ideas blonde and red scene hair

Nude or Natural Lips look perfect

It is very important for you to use light color lipstick as you have to focus more on your eyes. You can go for nude or natural color lipstick. Avoid lip-gloss as they will not blend with your trendy girl look. The best lipstick color for this kind of makeup are baby pink, peach, nude, beige,etc.

scene makeup ideas blue scene hairstyles scene makeup ideas pink scene hair and makeup

So, when you keep these important points in mind then you would be able to do perfect scene makeup at home. Don’t wait anymore, go and try this fascinating look right now.

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