Ideas of Very short curly hairstyles for round face

Wearing curly hairstyle is not a joke- the style can make or break your impression depending on how you wear it, carry it to make it more comfortable for yourself. Women with straight hair usually have a hard time maintaining the short curls because they are spirals that keep on falling over the face, they cannot stay in one condition for long unless you have done the setting with heavy amount of wax. To feel comfortable with your curls, you can pin them up from the side or pull it back using a clip or some bobby pins.

curly hairstyles for round face girls

If you have a round face and you want to wear curls before hitting a grand party being conducted by your friends or family members, you need to know few things before you start using a small or big curling iron over your hair.

curly hairstyles for round faceshory curly hairstyles for round face

Your hair must not be extra short if you want to set curls on it. Short hair tends to contract faster than longer hair when they are set with curling irons. They will turn into short spirals and you would end up getting a bad style—once you are done, it cannot be undone easily. You will have to take bath again to smooth the curls. It’s better to use the curling iron on long or medium hair. Long hair will turn into medium hair after the settings of curls and the medium hair will become short.

short curly hairstyles for round faceshort blonde curly hairstyles for round face

Do not ever use a curling machine on damp hair, straightly after coming from the bath room. The wet hair tends to burn faster than dry hair. The curls must have some kind of gloss in them or else they would not be able to make you appear impressive in the party.

short curly hairstyles for round face girlcurly hairstyles for round face

Use a wax on the straight hair before you set short curly hairstyle on it. Forget about pinning up the curls at this point, and simply focus on getting some nice curls done after applying the wax.

brown curly hairstyles for round face girlsshort curly hair for round face

Don’t overdo it. Work on one hair strand at a time only.

messy curly hairstyles for round face girls

Short curly hairstyles for round face

There are great chances that short curls would cover the short face, as round face is often short and chubby, the style would make a good frame around it, transforming it completely from ordinary to special. However, it still depends on how you wear your curls and how you pull off the style.

curly hairstyles for round face girlsideas of curly hairstyles for round face women

There are so many ways for you to perfectly pull off a short curly hairstyle on round face, review some of the celebrities to get idea on how to be comfortable with the curls. For instance, Gwen Stefani has worn bob curly hairstyle once, she pulled it off very beautifully, and she looked bold and beautiful even though her face is broad.



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