How to Make Your Eyes Bigger with Makeup tricks

Girls who aren’t borne with big eyes always want to make their eyes look bigger. It is very simple only you need to follow some simple makeup tricks. Today, I would tell you how to make your eyes bigger with makeup.

Enhance brow beauty

You need to visit nearest salon and ask an expert to give your eyebrows a very beautiful and enticing shape. As you know brows are frames of your eyes, you should try to make this frame super attractive. It means you need to groom your brows with brow pencil. If you see any space in your brow then fill it with pencil.

make your eyes look bigger

Define your Crease

Pick a soft eyeshadow color like peach, brown, cooper or rose pink and then apply it on your crease in a way that everything seems natural.

define eye crease make eyes bigger

Inner Eye makeup tip

It is indeed an amazing beauty tip to try when you are going to enhance your eye look. All you need to do is to pick a shimmer of light color like silver, white, grey, etc and then place it at the inner corner of your eyes next to tear duct. A little drop of shimmer in this area would make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

shimmer on eyes

Apply Light Eyeshadow

Avoid smokey makeup at first, you should opt for very light and natural makeup. It means you need to choose neutral and light colors on your lids. Light color give large appearance to your eye area while dark colors would do the opposite.

apply light eyeshadow

Lower eyelid beauty tip

Girls always ask expert how to make eyes bigger and wider, so I’m going to share the best trick for them. It is suggested to them to line lower eyelid with flesh-tone pencil. White pencil can be used to widen your lower eyelid area.

eyepencil to line eyes

Lower Eyelashes tip

You don’t need to apply eyeliner on lower lash-line. You should try to enhance beauty of your eyes by applying mascara to lower eyelashes.

mascara lower lashes

Use Eye Curler

The quickest way to make your eyes look bigger is to curl your eyelashes with a tool. Flip your eyelashes upward to draw out beauty of your eyes.

eyelashes curler

Go without eyeliner

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, you should avoid eyeliner. You have already used mascara on upper and lower lashline, so no need to darken your eyes with black lines. Go without it and see a difference.

Try False Natural eyelashes

You shouldn’t mind using false eyelashes just to make your eyes beautiful.

false eyelashes apply

Follow these 10 beauty tricks and make your eyes bigger and more beautiful.

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