How to Make Hair Bows? Follow 6 Steps

Sometimes you see a girl who has a cute hair bow set on the crown, you wish you could make this hairstyle. You decide to get the same hairstyle from an expert hairstylist. Normally, when people look at some unique kind of hairstyles they think that they need to visit a hair salon for getting them; which is not true all the time. There are some hairstyles that look very complex and hard to make but in reality you are able to make them within a few minutes. No doubt, hair tie hairstyle can also be categorized under such hairstyles. This hairstyle looks difficult yet it’s very easy to make it. Let’s learn how to make hair bows.

make hair bow

Hairstyling Preparation

Before you start making a hair bow,you need to do following things.

  • Shampoo your hair.
  • Apply conditioner for getting smooth and sleek look.
  • Properly comb your hair and remove all tangles. There is no need to finger-combing. Pick a brush or comb and eliminate all knot that might come into the way of your hairstyling.
  • Divide hair into two sections: one front and second back.
  • Properly comb the front fringe.

How to Make Hair Bows?

Now it’s time to learn all steps that lead you toward this particular hairstyling.

step by step hair bow hairstyle

Step No.1 Gather your all back hair and make sleek ponytail. Secure it with an elastic ponytail.

Step No.2 Pull upper portion of your hair by loosing elastic ponytail.

Step No.3 Wrap this pulled section of hair with another ponytail . You will get a small hair bun in this way.

Step No.4  It’s time to do work on the lower portion of your ponytail. Roll up remaining hair section, wrap it up with an elastic ponytail and then divide it into two parts. Now make one side of the bow next to little hair bun and secure it with an elastic ponytail.

Step No.5 Now you need to make another side of hair bow and set it with bobby pins and elastic ponytail.

Step No.6 If there is still any hair strand left then you need to set it with bobby pins.

Hurrah ! you have made a hair bow.

Some Important Things:

  • This particular hairstyle can be tried by a girl who have long straight hair. Don’t have straight hair? You can turn your wavy or curly hair texture into straight via a hair straightener.
  • Keep elastic ponytail close to you.
  • Get clean hairstyle look by using bobby pins.
  • Don’t try this hairstyle, if you have chopped haircut in long hair.
  • Use hair accessories to decorate your cute hair bows.

I’m sure now you have got an idea how to make hair bows. Now go and give a try to this hairstyle.


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