How to Make Classy Waves in 10 minutes?

Girls always love to wear casual wavy hairstyles. They want to know how to make classy waves at home without spending much time. Today, I’m here to share an amazing hairstyling idea with them. They can create casual beach waves at home only in 10 minutes. No need to spend bucks in salon when you are able to get classy look at home.

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Things You’ll need

  • Hair Rubber band
  • Hair iron
  • foil paper
  • Hair brush

How to Make Classy Waves hairstyle at home?

Here are four simple steps to follow.

Step No.1 Properly comb your hair. Now take few strands of hair, roll them around your rubber band.

Step No.2 Cover your rolled hair with foil paper.

Step No.3 Now use hair iron to heat up foil paper and your rolled hair.

Step No.4 Remove foil paper and remove rubber band. Voila! You would see amazing chic waves of your hair. Follow steps for rest of your hair. It won’t take much time, only a few more minutes.

This is an easy way to make classy wavy hairstyle at home. I’m sure you would love this idea.

Important styling tips:

Keep some points in mind.

  • You can apply hair cream or gel, if you want to get sleek wavy hairstyle.
  • You must cover with foil paper as it would protect hair from heat.
  • It is good to apply conditioner and then air dry your hair before you start creating classy waves.
  • Bouncy effects can be given to your hair by slacking hair strands after getting waves.
  • Don’t take too thin hair strands to destroy beauty of your style.

Know you have an idea how to make wavy hairstyle at home only in 10 minutes and without an expert help. Go and try this hairstyling idea now.

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