how to make a fishtail braid? Follow 7 Simple steps

The girls who have silky straight long hair always like to know how to tie their hair in the best way. So, it i suggested to opt for a fishtail braid ponytail. When you first look at this braid, you think it is gonna be very hard and difficult to make it. In reality, this braid is very simple and easy. You can make a stylish and sleek fishtail braid within 10 minutes. If you don’t know how to make then it is time to learn this form of braiding.

How to make a Fishtail Braid?

In order to make a fishtail braid, you only need to follow 7 simple steps. Let’s dig into thee steps now.

Step No.1

Prepare your hair. It’s mean you first need to shampoo your hair and then to apply conditioner. Properly brush your hair and don’t let any tangle in it. If you leave any tangle then it might affect the finishing of your braid.

Step No.2

Gather all your hair at one side and divide them into two equal parts.

fishtail braided hairstyles Step No.3

Take one small section of hair from outer edge of your right hair part, cross it over and add it inside your left hair part.

Step No.4

Now take one small section of hair from outer edge of your left hair part, cross it over and add it inside your left hair part. Tight your hair.

make fishtail braid hairstyles Step No.5 and 6

Repeat step no.3 and 4. You need to continue crossing over the hair strands from opposite sides, until you reach at the end of your hair.

fishtail braid hairstyle make at homeStep No.7

Secure your fishtail braid into an elastic.

Hurrah! you have finally made a wonderful fishtail braided hairstyle.

fishtail braid how to make Important Tips for making Fishtail braid

You must have to follow some important tips while follow step-by-step guide of how to make a fishtail braid.

  • You need to take hair strands from outer edge or side of your right or left hair part, otherwise it won’t be a cross.
  • Whenever you are going to add hair into opposite hair section then you must have to tight your hair, otherwise you will get messy fishtail braid look. Sometimes, strands of hair come out, if you forget to tight a braid.
  • Always comb your hair properly. No tangle should be there.

I’m sure now you have learn how to make a fishtail braid. If you follow every step as it is mentioned then  it won’t be difficult for you to make a nice-looking fishtail braid. Don’t forget to check important tips, whenever you are going to make this braid.

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