How to Get Cat Eye Makeup? Try 3 Simple Methods

The girls always want to enhance the look of their eyes and they love to get cat eye makeup. The most important part of this makeup is to make cat eyes. Many girls don’t know how to get this eyeliner style, they often need to get a helping hand of their friend. However, it is not really hard to get this style, you only need to know a few tricks. Today, I’m here to share 3 simple methods with which you can get cat eye makeup.

Method No.1 Use Tablespoon and Get Cat Eye Makeup

It is one of the simplest way of applying cat eyeliner. You have to follow three simple steps.

cat eyeliner style

3 Easy steps for Applying Cat style eyeliner

Step No.1 Take one table spoon and a black marker eyeliner. Now place the tale of table spoon at outer corner of your eyes and then draw a black diagonal line.

Step No.2 Now your task is to turn the back of spoon and then place its curly side in such a way that it touches the end point of first black line that you have drawn. Now draw another curvy line.

Step No.3 Now you have made the cat eyeliner outline, fill  it with black eyeliner.It is good to line the remaining eyelid with simple black eyeliner. You have done with the sexy and stylish cat eyeliner.

Wonderful! you have made startling black cat eyes in just five minutes.

Method No.2 Use Black eye Marker and Get Cat Eye Makeup

Another idea that you would love to try is to only use a black eye marker and then to make perfect cat eyes.

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5 Steps for Getting Sexy Cat Eyeliner

Step No.1 Take black eye marker and then draw a line starting from the outer corner of the eyes and ending in the mid half of the eyelid. you have to make a diagonal line.

Step No.2 Extend this black eye line on the eyelid.

Step No.3 Apply thick black eye marker coat on the eyelid. Draw a curvy line over the diagonal black line.

Step No.4 Fill the outline of cat style eyeliner with the marker.

Step No.5 Apply a last coat of liner over your eyelid. It would be your final touch.

Voila! you are done with the amazing black cat style eyeliner.

Method No.3 Use Paint brush and Get Eye Makeup

You are often in hurry and don’t have enough time for making cat eyes with difficult method, in such situation you have to follow a simple trick. Use small paint brush and line your eyes in cute cat style.

cate eye makeup step by step guide

Steps for Getting Eye Makeup in Cat Style

Step No.1 Dip paint brush in your black liquid eyeliner. Now draw a diagonal line in your outer corner.

Step No.2 Draw another curvy line in such a way that it starts from the end of diagonal line.

Step No.3 Now extend curvy above line to the eyelid. Your tasks is to line your eyelid with black eyeliner.

Step No.4 Fill this cat style outline with the liner.

Hurrah! you have created sexy black cat eyes in only 7 minutes.

I have given you 3 easy tutorials for cat eyeliner. Now it’s up to you to pick the best method for yourself. Feel free to rate the best method out of trio.


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