Hot Men Fashion Trend 2014-15 Side Swept Hairstyle

The classic 50s side swept hairstyle is making a comeback in fashion industry. This hairstyle looks simply amazing but good thing is that it is very easy to set and maintain. Side swept hairstyle is hot haircut for men in 2014-15 since tons of models appear with this particular hairstyles on the runways at at Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Burberry Prorsum.

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Side Swept men hairstyle for Youngsters and Professional

This hairstyle was become popular first time in Fifties when American College boys loved to make a real difference with it. In recent era, we saw a modern version of side swept hairstyle in Made Men. This hairdo is indeed amazing and perfect for every man who really wants to look fab. This hairstyle is equally desirable for professionals and youngsters. Pro would look handsome, if they wear this hairstyle in the field.

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What is Side Swept hairstyle?

Generally, guys don’t have enough information about this wonderful hairstyle. Before we guide you how to get side swept hairstyle, you must have an idea what is it. Well, Side swept hairstyle lies between a close-cropped quiff and a slick-down side parting. Though you need to side part your hair but this partition shouldn’t need to be very clear. This style will give you elegant appearance without looking super formal. You need to first swept your hair toward right and then opt for a simple side part. In case you have some undefined loose side hair then brush then back behind the ears. Very simple!

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Celebrity with Side Swept hairstyle

It is a fact that boys take inspiration from celebrity hairstyles, whenever it comes to best hairstyle for a special party. So, if you want to know which celebrity appear with side swept men hairstyle then you need to have a look at David Beckham, Leonardo Dicaprio and Ryan Gosling,

David Beckham

We know that David Beckham is a fashion forward guy who loves to get a trendy hairstyle before anyone else. Look at David, his top hair are long enough for a slicked back , no greasy look. The sides hair are short enough to make his hairdo appearance very neat and clean.

side swept hairstyle of David beckham

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo opts for long side swept hairstyle that is quite suitable for guys with square faces. He made his look appealing with styling gel.

leonardi dichairaprio side swept

Ryan Gosling

Side swept hairstyle of Ryan Gosling is semi-formal since he got it for red carpet. He opted for define side-parting that can be gained with a good comb. If you need to look super casual then do side parting with your fingers. Discover some amazing Ryan Gosling hairstyles that defined men fashion trends in 2015-16

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David Cameron

David reached for real kind of side-swept hairstyle. His look is carefully created since he has defined parting and a minimal quiff.

david cameron side sweep hairstyles

Tips for Side Swept hairstyle

Here are some important tips that you need to keep in mind while styling this particular men hairstyle.

  • Your haircut must be perfectly square through the sides and aesthetically graduated.
  • Guys with thick hair should wear short hair and control their thick hair with some styling cream.
  • Side swept hairstyle doesn’t look good on boys with curly hair texture.
  • You need to get trim after every month. You never need to let your hairstyle get baggy over your ears.
  • If you want sleek hair look then keep your hair long on top.
  • You need to use hair conditioner for smooth look because wax or gel won’t hold this particular hairstyle well.

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Guys who want to look like a fashion icon should opt for side swept hairstyle. This style is simple to set yet always seems fantastic, no matter they are going to attend a formal or casual party.

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