Henna Tattoo Designs for Feet 2014

Henna tattoos are gaining fame in the western countries. Due to their non-permanent and removable nature, Henna tattoos are chosen by many women for beautification purposes. Henna tattoos for feet are one of the latest growing trends in the Henna Tattoos. Women are getting tattoos on their feet and thighs to make them look beautiful. The designs can easily be changed after some days as Henna is temporary in its effects.

Beautiful design foot henna tattoo

Full covered feet Henna tattoo

step design henna tattoo feet

Fresh wet henna tattoo design

Since you don’t have to make a lifetime commitment with your Henna Tattoo designs, that why you can have any kind of Henna tattoo design on your feet without actually think too much. If you want to have stars on your thighs right down to your toes, you can have it, and then very next month you can change the design and make another Henna tattoo design on your legs and feet. This is one of the most fascinating features of the Henna tattoos that you don’t actually have to think thrice before actually designing something on your feet.

Henna foot tattoo design 2014

Foot Henna tattoo design

Beautiful Henna foot tattoo design

knees Henna tattoo design feet

The Henna usually remains on your skin for up to four weeks; however, for some skins the duration can be slightly longer or shorter. You can also remove the Henna tattoo if you wash it hardly with water or through some chemicals.
Here are some latest Henna tattoo designs for your feet that are tending in 2014. If you are looking to get a Henna Tattoo design on your feet, check out the following awesome designs and choose the best that fits your skin.

Henna thigh tattoos design

Thigh tattoo desgin henna

Henna thigh tattoo design

Beautiful thigh tattoo design feet

Henna side foot design tattoo

Feet fingers henna tattoo design

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