Hair tutorial: Sleek low hair updo in 10 minutes

Do you need a quick hair tutorial? I suggest you to create a very eye-catching sleek low hair updo only in 10 minutes. This updo is very simple and easy to make and you won’t need anyone help. Follow only four steps and you would have a chic hair look.

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Things You’ll need

  • Rubber band
  • Bobby hair pins
  • Hair accessory
  • Hair comb or brush

Hair Tutorial:How to make a low hair updo?

Here are 4 easy steps to follow.

Step No.1 Make a ponytail and use rubber band to secure it.

Step No.2 Hold lower end of your ponytail and pass it back from your rubber band.Just like you have folded a ponytail

Step No.3 Now you need to use your middle fingers and make a hole behind your ponytail area.

Step No.4 It’s time to pass folded ponytail portion from this hole. Now secure this low updo with bobby pins. Don’t forget to enhance beauty of this hairstyle with a floral hair accessory.

It is a quick hair tutorial that let you get a chic hairstyle only in 10 minutes.

Important Tips:

Here are some main points to keep in mind while making this updo.

  • Apply hair styling cream to add neatness into your hairstyle.
  • Try to hide all loose hair of your ponytail otherwise this style won’t look beautiful.
  • You can opt for this hairstyle on a special occasion.

Low updo hairstyles are becoming very popular as they look wonderful on wedding and other ceremonies. It makes your look simply classic and enhances your charm. Therefore, women who want to grab graceful look can surely try this tutorial. If you have any question regarding this hairstyle, feel free to ask.


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