Good Luck Tattoo Designs 2014

There is no short of good luck charms and symbols in the market; some just want to get a symbol carved on the body to feel satisfied. What is a good luck charm? A piece of jewelry or paper or anything with a symbol with ability to protect you from evil forces, enemies, bad happenings, accidents, and unexpected events that may cause you pain or trouble of some kind. People usually wear good luck tattoos to protect themselves from all manners of negative influences and powers. Some believe that the sighting of the black cat in the middle of a journey may lead to trouble because it is a ominous sign of something bad that would happen to the person. Maybe these stories are made up by those who have faith in superstitions or maybe these are logical on account of true events. We believe these stories regardless of the truth or false facts because they are believable. In the same fashion, we can’t tell for sure if any good luck tattoo design has a power to protect anyone in real, but it may have some influence on the personality. Let’s believe in the power of nature and symbols as they have something to offer- what if the slightest amount of satisfaction to the restless heart. Below you get the chance to see amazing Good luck tattoo designs 2014

Good Luck Tattoo

Good Luck Tattoo design

Good Luck Tattoo

Good Luck Tattoo horses

Just in case you are looking to choose from many good luck tattoo designs 2014, given below are some recommendations for you.

Acorn : Good Luck Tattoo Designs 2014

Legend has it, during the Norman Conquest, the English would carry dried cried to make their days peaceful and calmed. They were doing it with a good faith, believing that the emblem would give them power and luck to protect themselves from the brutalities of the time. The Acron tattoo design also presents spiritual transition in a positive manner besides being a helpful in accelerating the spiritual growth.

Good Luck Acorn Tattoo

Good Luck Acorn Tattoo design

GoodLuck Acorn Tattoo

Skull Good Luck Tattoo Designs 2014

Skulls represent the melancholy of death- they remind us of the day of the judgement when the entire human would be reborn from a simple piece of bone. In Ancient cultures, the skulls were used to heal the illness and to ward-off the evil spirits/powers. In philosophy, the skulls are viewed as the seat of spirit and reminder of human life, of course they are. The skull also shows strength, it remains after the body perishes to the ground after death so it is definitely resistant to the decay and therefore it is ‘indestructible,’many primitive cultures were using skulls to protect themselves .

Good Luck Skull Tattoo

Good Luck Skull Tattoo design

Good Luck Skull Tattoo arm

Star Good Luck Tattoo Designs 2014

Stars may seem like geometric symbols but they are also a sign of good luck and prosperity. Legend has so much to share with us and a story goes as the symbol was created by Pythagoras just to represent perfection and impurity. The symbol was known as the Wizard’s star long time ago and people would worn the emblem to prove that the universe is full of mysteries.

Good Luck Star Tattoo

Good Luck Star Tattoo side

Good Luck Star Tattoo belly

Caduceus Tattoo Designs 2014

If we talk of Caduceus symbols or emblems, we have to review all the records of Egypt, India and Ancient Greece, these are places where more symbols were donned for reasons by natives. The Caduceus is a special design with wings that represent those who were on the feet of mercury, they were born to spread the message of Greek Gods. The Caduceus tattoo beckons us to believe there is a balance between good and evil; grief and happiness and tears and laughs. The symbols were used to ward off quarrels and to ward off negative forces from life.

Caduceus Tattoo back

Caduceus Tattoo

Caduceus Tattoo

Shamrock and Clover Good Luck Tattoo Designs 2014

The emerald green hue of four-leaf clover represent four lucky characteristics which are wealth, health, love and fame. The green color is auspicious as well as lucky for those who believe in the power of mother nature. Remember that the clover is also in Celtic myth for its beautiful color that is said to symbolize growth. If you wear a good luck Sharmrock and clover tattoo, your lover will come to you and stay with forever if you wish to live happily after tying yourself in a long term relation.

Shamrock and Clover Tattoo

Shamrock and Clover Tattoo hip

Shamrock and Clover Tattoo

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