Get Sparkling Eyes with Silver Glitter Eye Makeup

Girls who love to shine on parties would surely like to opt for Silver glitter Eye Makeup which allows them to spread sparkle on your eyes and look super attractive. When you are going to choose silver glitter as main shade then you must know what other shades could compliment your overall eye makeup. I’m here to share some cool eye makeup ideas with you.

Classic Black and white Makeup

I really love this idea of makeup. All you need to do is to apply white eyeshadow on inner eye area and black on outer eye area of your upper eyelid. The middle area would be a combination of black and white color “gray”. Make thick classy outer-V with the help of black eyeshadow, black eye pencil and eyeliner. Bring sparkle to this eye makeup with silver glitter eyeshadow.

black and white glitter eye makeup

Purple and Silver Glitter Eye Makeup

This is indeed the best party eye makeup for blue eyes. Spread silver on upper eyelid and inner V-area of your eyes. Bring charm to your eyes by applying dark purple on crease and light purple on above crease eye area. Line your lower eyelid with dark purple. Make this eye makeup super-dramatic with purple eye mascara. Fill waterline with kohl.

Purple and Silver Glitter eye makeup for blue eyes
Purple and Silver Glitter eye makeup for blue eyes

Silver Black Arabic Style Eye Makeup

This is very lovely eye makeup idea for girls who want to look beautiful. Use silver eyeshadow as the main shade and define outer-V and crease with black eyeshadow. Silver glitter eyeshadow would bring this simple makeup into limelight. Use Black eyeliner for creating perfect winged style eyeliner. You also need to define inner V area of your eyes with eyeliner by following Arabic style makeup.

Silver arabic style eye makeup

Silver Brown glitter Eye Makeup

This is another idea to try.Silver always look great with black but if you want to do a little change into your makeup then you need to opt for brown eyeshadow. Define your crease with brown shade but always use black for making Outer-V area.

silver brown eye makeup

Gray-Black Silver Glitter Makeup

Use gray-black eyeshadow for make your eyelid pop in a real way. You need to blend gray and black shade quite well. No need to define outer-V in a great manner .A small V-shape touch would be okay. Use silver glitter to make your eyes beautiful. Always use a thick-volume eye mascara for stunning finish touch to your silver eye makeup.

silver black eye makeup

Silver glitter and black eye makeup with winged eyeliner
Silver glitter and black eye makeup with winged eyeliner

Violet and Silver Makeup for Brown Eyes

For this particular eye makeup, your main focus should be on silver eyeshadow. It is good to prefer a pigmented silver eyeshadow. No need to blend silver. However, you have to define crease with violet eyeshadow.Don’t forget to line your lower eyelid with violet eye pencil. Black eyeliner would be great for upper eyelid area definition.

violet silver glittery eye makeup


Simple Silver Glitter Eye Makeup idea

It’s time to check some ideas that are pretty simple. You only need to know how to spread silver in an enticing manner on your upper lid. You can use black eyeliner or just leave your makeup as it is.

simple silver eye makeup for brown eyes silver pink glitter  eye makeup

So, which of these silver eye makeups you would like to try? Vote the best idea.



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