Get Healthy Hair with 20 cool Hair Care Tips from Top Celebrity Hairstylists

We all want to look fresh and beautiful like the celebrities. We follow their fashion and hairstyles. We get inspiration from their haircuts and it is very common phenomenon all over the globe. Celebrity hairstyles are created by their hairstylist who are expert of their field and know how to deal with different kinds of hair. They know how to enhance volume of a sleek hair. They have their own work experience to draw out the beauty of celebrity hairs. Today, I’m here with 20 cool hair care tips that are given by top celebrity hairstylists. These tips will make it easy for to you to maintain and style your hair just like celebs. So, let’s uncover these tips.

best hair care tips

Hair Care Tip No.1 How to Increase hair volume?

Girls who have thin hair always ask this question,so the answer comes straight from Mark Hayes, international creative director for Vidal Sassoon. He said, “For extra body, wait until hair is completely dry, then take small sections and spray at the roots with a firm-hold hairspray and dry again, lifting the hair away from the direction it would naturally fall.”

Hair Care Tip No.2 Focus on Hair health

Normally, girls pay a lot of attention to hairstyling while they pay a little attention toward their hair health. Therefore, it is Sam Mcknight ambassador for Pantene.Celebrity Hairstylist Tips Healthy Hair who brought one of the best hair care tips for us. He guides, “Make the best of what you have, rather than damaging your hair trying to turn it into something it isn’t. Healthy, shiny, well-conditioned hair – whether it’s curly, straight, long or short – is what you should be aiming for.”

Hair Care Tip No.3 Hair Diet

Our diet also affects our hair health, so it is good to opt for healthy diet. See what expert says, “Before going on holiday, take a supplement like vitamin B complex to improve the condition of your hair and prepare it for the sun. Also, try to eat protein-rich food, like chicken and nuts,to feed the natural protein in your hair.” Robert Eaton, former North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year.

Hair Care Tip No.4 Curly Hair

Don’t need frizzy curly hair, it is good to pay attention to a tip given by Lee Stafford, celebrity hairdresser. “Never brush curly hair while you’re drying it – this will only lead to serious frizz and zero shine.”

Hair Care Tip No.5 Warm Styling Products

Sometimes, it is good for us to know how to use our hair styling products in an effective manner. Thanks to Richard Ward, an expert celebrity hairdresser, who guided us in this regard. He says,“Warm styling product in your hands before distributing evenly through hair – it will work better and more efficiently.”

Hair Care Tip No.6 How to Style Un-washed Hair?

Don’t want to shampoo your hair but need a style. I think the best hair care tips comes from Creative director for Daniel Hersheson, Luke Hersheson. He said, “OiIf you don’t have time to wash your hair, rub a small amount of talcum powder into the roots to soak up the grease.”

Hair Care Tip No.7 Blow-Dry Lesson is a Must

Sometimes, we are using our hair-dryer in the wrong way but we don’t have any idea about our mistake. So, it is essential to listen to Beverly C, international creative director of Essensuals, who says, “Ask your hairdresser for a blow-dry lesson. You need to know which brush and which products to use.”Beverly C, international creative director of Essensuals .

Hair Car Tip No.8 Change your Shampoo

There is no need to use a shampoo all the time, opt for a change. “Alternate your shampoos – if you have coloured and fine hair, use a shampoo for coloured hair one day, then use one for fine hair the next day to get the best of both formulas.” Frédéric Fekkai, international celebrity hairdresser.

Hair Care Tip No.9 Use Conditioner

Many times girls focus only on shampoo while they don’t know that they can enhance their hair beauty via conditioner.“Use a daily conditioner on coloured hair. Choose a protein-based one if your hair lacks oomph. To make it softer, use a moisture-based conditioner.” Lisa Shepherd, British Hairdresser of the Year 2005.

Hair Care Tip No.10 Tools

Want to get best hairstyling results? It would be attained only through the best tools. Must check one of the important hair care tips given by Richard Ward. He says ,”Invest in a professional hairdryer – salon dryers are 3200 watt, and most consumer models are 1800 watt, so you’ll be able to style your hair in half the time.”

Hair Care Tip No.11 How to repair Damaged Ends?

Do you have damage hair ends? if yes, then yo must check an amazing tip. “Hand creams can be used to straighten fluffy or damaged ends. Just smooth the residue on your hands through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.” Antoinette Beenders, Aveda Global creative director.

Hair Care Tip No.12 Salon Appointment

Be on time, if you are quite concerned about your hairstyling. “Avoid being late for a hair appointment – it will mean your stylist also runs late and has to rush to try to make up lost time.” Andrew Barton, creative director at Saks International.

Hair Care Tip No.13 How to get Smooth hair?

We all love smooth and sleek hairstyles, but many times we find it hard to get sleek hair look.It is good to know what a celebrity hairstylist advises us.“To reduce static, use a mixed-bristle brush to smooth the hair, after you’ve sprayed it lightly with a light-hold spray, then brush through. This will leave hair ultra-glossy and static-free.” Adam Reed.

Hair Care Tip No.14 New Haircut

It happens many times that you see a girl who has fabulous haircut and you want to get the same. In this situation, you have to follow one of the best hair care tips given by Frédéric Fekkai. “If you see a woman with hair you love, ask who her stylist is, then visit for a blow-dry only – don’t commit to a cut. If you like what they do with your hair, you could book in for a trim.”

Hair Care Tip No.15 Opt for Salon Style

Sometimes, you have a lot of hairstyles in your mind but you have some confusion in mind. In this situation, you have to follow a tip of Andrew Barton. He said, “If you’re not satisfied with a new do during a salon visit, tell the stylist – give them the opportunity to change it for you.” Andrew Barton.

Hair Care Tip No.16 How to Wash hair Properly?

Many girls complains for weak hair while they don’t know they are shampooing their hair in a wrong way. You must learn the right way of shampooing your hair. Learn it from celebrity hairstylist, Nicky Clarke who says, “Wash your hair properly – never rinse out shampoo or conditioner with bath water!”

Hair Care Tip No.17 How Much Shampoo Your hair need?

The biggest mistake a girl does while shampooing her hair is getting more or less amount of shampoo than a need amount. Now it is time to know how much shampoo must be used from Antoinette Beenders, who guides “If you have short hair, only use a 20p-sized blob of shampoo or product, and for shoulder-length hair, use a 50p-sized blob. Longer hair needs double the amount of short hair.”

Hair Care Tip No.18 How to Clean your hair after Swimming?

It is one of the essnetial hair care tips that every girl would love to try. Thanks to Lisa Shepherd, who tells us how to clean our hair properly after our swimming session. She told, “Most people think you should condition coloured hair to death after you’ve been swimming, but the most important step is to shampoo out all the chlorine first.”
Hair Care Tip No.19 Trimming for Extra hair thickness

Many girls don’t opt for hair trimming when the length of their hair increases. They are actually doing a mistake. Nicky Clarke advises, “Get a trim every 4 weeks to maintain length and thickness”.

Hair Care Tip No.20 Get a Tight Ponytail

We all love to get tight ponytail hairstyle but we can’t do this because hair gets loose very quickly. At this time, we have to follow footprint of Adam Reed, creative manager at Charles Worthington. He says, “For a tight ponytail, damp down white parcel string with water, hold the ponytail in position and tightly wrap the hair with the string and tie. As the string dries, it’ll swell and secure the ponytail.” 
When you start following these 20 hair care tips then you will be able to get healthy and attractive hair. Even you can style your hair just like a celebrity.

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