How to Get a Hairstyle like Bradley Cooper?

The Oscars is one such mega event where stars from all corners of the country are seen flaunting their dresses and styles in front of huge audiences. Every year it gets better when we see our favorite celebs revealing exquisite dresses and gracious hairstyles. This year’s show stopper in men’s hairstyle category was none other than Bradley Cooper.

bradley cooper short croped hair
Brad was seen wearing a crop cut which perfectly augmented his personality. His hair style looked smart and neat along with his stubble.  The best part of this men’s hairstyle is that it doesn’t take time to style and make them. In order to get a hairstyle like Bradley Cooper, you just need to wet your hair, use some gel and comb them in the direction of hair growth and voila you will have the most perfect men’s hairstyle.

bradley cooper short spiky
This type of short men’s hairstyle is ideal for people who have thick hair no matter straight or curly. Thick and dense hair are usually difficult to keep for long but with cropped men’s hairstyle you can easily boost neat and cool style for hours.
So the next time you are going to visit your barber, tell him to cut your hair in different lengths all over. Keep the sides shorter with tapering while leaving the top a little longer with layers and textures so that it blends with the sides. Don’t let him cut too short or else you won’t be left with any styling option. By following these tips you will get the best men’s hairstyle and will walk out of the saloon like a nice looking spinoff of Bradley Cooper.
However there’s a catch. If you are to keep a short men’s hairstyle then you’ll be visiting your barber often. Maintaining a short men’s hairstyle requires frequent cutting every two or three weeks. After all being a star is not that easy and not that cheap as well.

Let’s explore some Long and Medium Hairstyles of Bradley Cooper..

There are tons of fans of Bradley Cooper.His fan following is touching to peak level because the increasing name and fame of Hangover series. His fans not only love his performance but also his fashion. Many guys want to look like Bradley, so they often try a hairstyle like Bradley Cooper.

Swept back hairstyle is no Doubt Bradley Cooper’s signature hairstyle

slicked back hairstyles of bradley cooper bradley cooper swept back hairswept back hair of bradley coopermedum hair of bradley cooper


Bradley hair bun is high in demand among cool guys

bradely cooper bunbradley cooper hair bun

Bradley Rocks in Spikes

bradley ciooper spiky hairstyles bradley cooper spiky hairstyles

Center Parted hairstyles Always look wonderful

center parted hairstyle of bradley cooper

Guys like a curly medium hairstyle like Bradley Cooper

medium curly hairstyle of bradley cooperbradley cooper medium curly hairbradley cooper swept back hairbradley cooper medium hairstyles


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