Get Cool ideas of Quick Weave hairstyles

Girls who don’t have long hair usually rely on hair extensions as they can enhance their natural b beauty via it. There is no need to always make a complex style with hair extensions. If you getting for a party and time is very short then you must have an idea of quick weave hairstyles. Let’s get some cool ideas below.

colorful weave hair

Half up and half down hairstyles

This kind of hairstyling does not take much time. You need to apply a little gel on your natural hair and then to tie them up in a sleek and stylish manner. When it comes to half down styling then you can go for curly or wavy long  hair. This seems to be a great party hairstyle to try.

best weave hairstyles half up and half down weave hair simple half up and down do half up and half down straight hair weave updo rihanna

Quick updo hairstyles

Girls with short hair usually feel it hard to make an updo with it. Formal updo is always required for formal occasion; it is not good to go with straight hair all the time. So, you should make quick updos with hair extensions. You should add some curly or wavy hair updos. Even you can create a stylish braided hair do with the help hair extensions. It is one of the best quick weave hairstyles.

stylish weave hair do braided weave updo quick weave hairstyles updo rihanna traditional weave hairstyles updo weave hair updos

Add Colors into your natural hair 

I think it is among the most trendy hairstyles. Instead of getting matching color hair extensions, you need to go with colored weave. You should always pick bright and chic hair colors. Normally, girls love to add brown, ash blonde and red extension in natural black hair. When hair color is light such as blonde or brown then you should focus on really bright colors. Funky colors such as pink, blue and purple always looks stunning with blonde hair.

brown highlights in black hair color highlights in natural hair side weave highlights weave highlights chic weave hairstyles for women

I’m sure you would like to try following quick weave hairstyles.

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