How to get Candy Colored Cat Eye Makeup? Follow 4 Steps

As they say that Smoky Eyes should never be black coloured, in the same way, neither should the Winged Liner. Today, I’m here to give you a chance to try dazzling candy colored cat eye makeup at home. This makeup is suitable for any casual party or occasion. Good thing about this makeup is that it adds glow and shines into your facial features. If you need a luminous makeup idea then you should definitely give it your best try.

step by step eye makeup


How to get Candy Colored Cat Eye Makeup?

In order to get this wonderful makeup, you only need to follow four simple steps.

Step No.1 Dab a sheer, Put that shimmering dark shade on your Eye-Lids
Take the amazing Silver Colored VS Pro Magic FX Hypergloss Eye Shimmer and gently pat it on to your crease, starting from the lash line, with your fingertip.
Step No.2 Use the metallic plum eyeliner to Line your eyes
Run the NYX Slide On Pencil in “Maroon” from the center of your eyes till the Lash line & continue to extend it till it crosses the outer corner of your eyes. You can give it a finishing touch by making a tail of your brow to get the perfect Caticious Eye

Step No.3 On top of the Liner, Mask a matching Eye-Shadow
Try looking for a Shadowy Shade from the same color group (for example: MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in “Sketch” or MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in “Cranberry”), and intensely mask the Shadow on top of your Liner by giving it an angular touch to get it set for a longer wear.

Step No. 4 Use the Mascara to Finish it off
Apply any fabulous Mascara to end the Eye Make up. It’s good to get casual look with a single coat of mascara instead of getting heavy look of this smashing makeup with double coat.


Now don’t wait anymore, try this fabulous candy colored cat eye makeup now.

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