How to get Brad Pitt 2014 GQ hairstyle?

Last years, guys were ready to emulate Jesus-Long type hairstyle of Brad Pitt, which he worn in 12 Years a Slave.This year guys have to change their mind after having a close look at Brad Pitt latest 2014 GQ hairstyle. No doubt, Brad Pitt is looking very charming with this particular short hairstyle.There are two amazing things are related to this short hairstyle of Brad Pitt: first short hair makes his facial features more prominent, secondly they minus some years from his age. Keep in mind that Brad Pitt is 50 years old but he is looking as handsome as a guy of 30 plus. You need to admit that his hairstyle and beard also made some contribution in his age-disguising look.

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What is special about Brad Pitt 2014 GQ hairstyle?

Well, this grown out haircut of Brad Pitt has its root in sixties ,when looser and rockier hairstyles were very popular. Don Draper was very famous in man salons from last few years but now it is time of trend-shifting. You guys have to think about grown out haircuts. This particular hairstyle doesn’t want you to chop your back and side hair very short, yet it is something really different.

How to get Brad Pitt 2014 GQ hairstyle?

So, do you want to copycat this controlled yet smashing look of Brad Pitt. You only need to follow a few steps.

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Prepare your hair

For getting this particular hair look, your hair must grow about 8-10cm on top and almost 1.5 -2.5cm on the sides. This 2014 hairstyle of Brad Pitt is suitable for boys with straight or wavy hair texture, in case you have fine long hair then you don’t need to give it a try. Actually, wavy hair usually have thick texture. When a guy with fine hair opts for this hairstyle then he might get flat look because thick texture would be missing in the entire look

Use your Dryer

You need to use shampoo and conditioner and then pick your hair dryer for taking the moisture out from the hair. You don’t need fully dry your hair. There is no need to use comb or brush, you can take some volume and body to hair with finger-combing. You can use mousse or gel for getting some sleekness and shine.


It is a low-maintenance hairstyle that doesn’t require much effort. You can set it in few minutes.You don’t need frequent trimming in barber shop. Generally, the longer the hair, the less you need to get trimming. You can wait for almost 5-7 weeks for your next trimming session.

Make your Face Perfect

If you peep into Brad Pitt 2014 GQ cover look then you also notice that side burns also play an important role in overall look. It is good to know that sideburns are coming back in trend. You don’t need to get perfectly trimmed sideburns but you task is to get something little messy. It is a fact that short and clean side burns look somehow weird.

I’m sure you would like to give your best try to Brad Pitt 2014 GQ hairstyle. This latest hair style of Brad Pitt is quite fabulous and enhances his grace to a great extent.


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