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gel eyeliner on crease and lid with purple lipstick

10 Best Gel Eyeliner Style Ideas For Everyday Makeup

Gel Eyeliner is indeed quite easy to use. A girl who doesn’t know how to apply an eyeliner should start with gel eyeliner as it is among those eyeliner which never get into your way and offer you great flexibility. Today, I would like to explain you application of gel eyeliner and then I would like to shed light on 10 best eyeliner styles that every girl likes to copy. I have collected a detailed collection of simple, casual, party and wedding style eyeliner looks just to make sure that you have an idea of eyeliner style for almost everything.

How to apply Gel Eyeliner? Image Tutorial

As I mentioned before it is not really hard task to do for. All you need is a gel eyeliner from top brands like Maybelline or MAC along with an eyeliner brush. Next you need to apply gel eyeliner with the application of brush. Start from inner corner of your eyes and then move toward the outer corner of your eyes. When you get close to corner of your eyes then add a little wing into eye side. You need to apply a thin black gel eyeliner line on your lower eyelid close to lashes with brush as well. Check below image to get clear idea about how to apply gel eyeliner.

how to apply gel eyeliner image guide

Image via Instagram/fantasymakeupshoppers

Video Tutorial For Gel Eyeliner Application

In case you still have confusion about how to apply gel eyeliner then I am going to share a video guide with you. All you have to  watch this video and get clear idea.Just to make things clear for you.Take eyeliner brush and start apply black liquid gel eyeliner from your eye corners toward your inner eyes. Use false eyelashes along with this kind of eyeliner just to enhance your eye beauty to a great extent.

10 Best Gel Eyeliner Style Ideas to Copy Now

Okay, you have got complete idea about how to apply gel Eyeliner. The next important thing to know is different styles of eyeliner that you can try at different times. So, let’s check out what I have collected for you.

1.Red lips with Smokey Eyes

cute girl dark gray eyes with red lips

I really like this classy makeup look where gray black eyeshadow add smoky touch to eyes and black gel eyeliner define lower lid of eyes with grace and style.The best part is red lipstick that add fantastic glow to face.

Image via Instagram / Aviva _listic 

2.Beautiful Round Wing Style

red head girl with beautiful eyeliner style


It is indeed a very casual look that you would love to adopt in your everyday makeup. All you have to add a thick rounded wing in your eye corner. You should apply nude lipstick just to compliment your beautiful look.

Image via Instagram/apothic_mermaid

3.Flick Style Cat Eyes

beautiful girl gel black liquid liner with red lips

I love Cat style eyeliner as it makes my face look quite attractive. You don’t need a long wing for this purpose, all you have to get a cute thin wings in corner of eyes and you are done.Rose Red lipstick seems like a perfect choice of lippy with black eyeliner.

Image via Instagram/geministorm86

4.Dark deep Eye Makeup With Black Liner

dark makeup with black eyeliner

If you want to get ready for a wedding party then you should check this idea where you need to add brightness into eyes with silver black shades. A deep dark impact can be beefed up with dark black gel eyeliner touch.

Image via instagram/idomakeupnhair

5.Glitter eyes with Wing Liner

glittery eyes black liner and glow on face

Sometimes I love to add sparkle to my shade but only when I apply light shadow, same formula is adopted here. Keep your eyeshadow light. but add funky factor with glitter .And of course a cute little dark black wings.

Image via Instagram/bbpro_amyconway

6.Dark Pink Makeup

best party makeup idea pink black

Another night party eyeliner look comes from Esha who gives us a chance to see how beautiful eyes could look with dark pink shades and gel eyeliner combo.

Image via Instagram/eshamaanmakeup

7.Beautiful and Chic Winged eyeliner

stylish gel eyeliner idea for teen girl

This eyeliner style is definitely good for teen makeup. The reason is thatit doesn’t effect face innocence instead it boost up charm. Double wings style gel liner is another good idea of makeup to consider for.

Image via Instagram/uniquely_casual

8.Extreme Eyeliner style

cat eyes makeup and gel lipstick

If you don’t mind heavy makeup then you don’t mind heavy eyeliner look. Apply thick layer of wing style eyeliner.Use heavy eyelashes for getting funky look at night party.

Image via Instagram/jessie_b-Silver

9.Casual simple Eyeliner Style

simple gel eyeliner makeup

You don’t need to apply very dark shades on eyes all the time. Sometimes a light shade can enhance your eye’s brightness impact. Once you pick a light shade, another thing to do is to create a flick in the corner and that’s it. You don’t have to apply eyeliner everywhere on upper lid;just corner needs to be defined.

Image via Instagram/gorgeous_looks_

10.Black Liner on Eye Lid and Crease

gel eyeliner on crease and lid with purple lipstick

Do you need a beautiful party look? Try this eyeliner style where you need to define your upper eyelid with wing style eyeliner .And also when you  have to use gel eyeliner for crazy crease area definition.

Image via Instagram/ 

Finally, I have explained two important things related to gel liquid liner for you. First is how to apply gel eyeliner . Second is all about 10 best styles to imitate whenever you like. I have shared my collection. If you have better style ideas then feel free to share them with me.


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