Funky and Short Curly Hairstyles 2014

Short curly hairstyles 2014 have more glamour to present- it’s good to see that most women are wearing short hair these days regardless of their age, face shape and profession. I have included profession here as a term because certain fields don’t allow women to wear short hairstyles such as army, navy and police. Now the trend for hairstyles is changing, putting an end to all the restrictions that women had had to face long time.

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Now any woman can weary short curly hairstyle without fear for getting bullied in public. In other words, short curls are no more a fashion that gives conservation people a reason to raise their fingers in objection towards someone. Instead, any sort of short cut is now well accepted and appreciated in the society; nobody would call you tom boy if you step out in short bob cut. You can wear whatever you wish.

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If you have an oval or long or oblong face shape, you can wear semi-medium curly hairstyles where the curls stay at the back up to the shoulder length and are pulled up from the temple or crown area. You don’t need to cover your face with your curls. I would like to give an example of Rihanna’s curls here, her face is not very broad, and she wears short curly hairstyles so often in concerts or talk shows. You might have noticed that the curls make a frame around her face, giving her a healthy appearance. Her features come out to be more glamorous and more appealing when she steps in her short curls.

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There are various methods to accomplish short curly hairstyles, for instance small iron and big iron. The small iron is specifically for women wanting to get tight curls, if you already have curls on hair you needn’t use it as using the iron can make your curls to contract further, you will end up getting shorter curls that may not look awesome. The big curling iron is perfect for straight and medium hair; you can use it easily for setting urgent curls. Keep in mind that your medium hair would turn into small curls after using the machine. Here are some beautiful pictures of short curly hairstyles 2014 you might want to view to get ideas on the styling of curls.

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