Fun lovers must try Pokemon Tattoo ideas

Pokemon is a media franchise that is developed by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996 and this franchise is owned by The Pokemon Company. This franchise is based on fictional creatures knowns as “Pokemon” which human capture and train for fighting each other for spots. The franchise started offering video games, trading and games, TV shows, movies, toys and comic books. It is good to know that Pokemon is second most profitable video game-based media franchise in the world. the first most lucrative video-game based franchise is Mario Franchise of Nintendo. Girls and kids love to browse the best Pokemon tattoo ideas because they love to have this fictional specie design inked on their body.

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Pikachu are a fictional species of Pokemon. The design of Pikachuy was made by Ken Sugimori and it was first appeared in 1996 video game Pokemon Red and Blue for the original Game Boy. Whenever you opt for pokemon tattoo ideas then you often hit with Pikachu tattoo. Reason is that they are one of the most popular varieties of Pokemon since it is the main character in the Pokemon anime series. Pikachu are captured and groomed by humans for fighting with other Pokemon for sport. Pikachu has become an icon of Japanese culture in recent years.

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Yellow Pikachu and Pokemon tattoos are quite famous because they look very great. Some girls like to get a smiling Pikachu tattoo while others opt for a tattoo in which Pokemon wore a hat and blue shirt. Even pixilated pokemon tattoo ideas are often searched by kids because they like this kind of tattoo design for themselves.

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When it comes to placement of Pokemon or Pikachu tattoo design, you have several options to choose from. Girls love to get it on back, shoulder, legs and arms. Boys always get this tattoo design but normally they are more popular in girls. Kids search for Pokemon tattoo ideas when they have to get their temporary tattoo on a special event or get together.

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