Four 2014 runway-inspired ideas for Setting Flower in Hairstyle

Flower is indeed the best hair accessory because it not only change your look but also make it adorable. In 2014, girls get a chance to explore some really cool ideas to set flower in hairstyle. Generally, gils opt for flower accessory when they need to attend some special event. These ideas are perfect for brides who want to look wonderful on their big day. It is good to know that these ideas come from top hairstylists who set new fashion and hairstyle trend through run-way models. So, if you follow these ideas then it would simply mean that you are moving on the footprint of expert hairstylists of fashion industry.

floral braided updo for bride

Floral Crown at Dolce & Gabbana Runway

When we talk about fashion outfit, we always mention D&G. The experts at D&G runway brought a very beautiful hair trend for Spring 2014-15. Models were looking stunning with their floral crowns. Interestingly, you could see not only floral crown but also gold crowns and accessory settings on the head. Making a floral crown is indeed a great idea of setting flower in hairstyle.

floral braided updo hairstyle dolce and gabbana floral crown

flower crown hair dolce and gabbana

Brides who need some inspirational hairstyle for their big day would surely like to try plait or braided bun set on model’s hair and then these updos were made wonderful with floral crowns. Updos were not very sophisticated. The hairstylists tried to make things very simple yet beautiful on runway with little loose hair on the front and then tying them into a plaited braided updo from the back.

floral crown trend 2015

flowr hair for bridal updo

Floral Headbands at Anna Sui Run-way

Another idea for setting flower in hairstyle comes from Spring/Summer 2014 runway of Anna Sui. The most astonishing look with colored flower headband was given by Alexa chung. Good thing about this idea is that it is not specific for brides only, other girls can definitely give it a try. They don’t need to make a bride hairstyle and then to set flower in hair; Instead they can set floral headbands in their long wavy or curly hairstyle.

wavy hair and floral headband

anna sui floral hair decor floral hair trend 2015

alexa chung wavy hair and flower headband
Alexa Chung

No doubt, wavy hairstyle looks more stunning with flower headband. Girls can try this flower in hairstyle idea at some normal festivals. It could be in your Christmas party hairstyles list, if you want to surprise your sweetheart with your sweet look.

curly hair and floral headband

floral headbang trend 2015floral headbands 2015wavy hair and floral headband

Scattered floral Embellishment at Honor Run-way

Girls who love creative hairstyling ideas would surely like to opt for this flower in hairstyle setting idea given by models at Honor Spring/Summer 2014 runway. What you need to do is to pick some tiny scattered flowers and then to set them at one side of your head after making a little messy low ponytail. Well, this idea is quite simple. Girls can try it on any casual party.

tiny floral hair embellistment flowrer hair decor

Colorful Blooms in Chignon at Zac Posen Runway

What you love to wear this year is the most romantic Chignon hairstyle idea offered by models at Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2014 run-way. You first need to made classic Chignon with little modern touch and then to grab some bobby pins that will help you to set tiny blooms into your hair.

braid hair updo setting

floral hair updo style floral hair setting

It is good to match color of your blooms with the outfit, though colorful tiny flower in hairstyle look more adorable. Your task is to spray blooms with some distance all over the head, so your scalp offers an instant spring hair look.

tiny flower ion hair accessory

flower decor hair

Finally, you have 4 cool ideas to set flower in hairstyle. Every idea is indeed amazing but it is you who have to decide what idea will work for you.




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