Follow 4 Basic Lip Tips and Get Perfect Smile

Usually, it has been observed that girls give more attention eye makeup then lip while both features require equal attention. Eyes reflect your personality whilst lip defines your smile. Your smile will be imperfect if you apply your lipstick in the wrong way. I’m going to share four lip tips with you that let you change your smile in four diverse ways.

make fuller lips apply lipliner on lips

Tip No.1 Get Fuller Lips Look

It is indeed a simple trick that you can try for getting beautiful smile. You need to get matching shades of lipstick and lip liner. It is suggested to choose the light shade instead of dark because latter shade makes your lip smaller. First apply lip pencil just to define your lips. You can go to outer edge of lips but you don’t cross natural lip line boundary.Now you need to fill the whole area with lip liner, this is among the best lip tips. If you follow it then lip line base will hold your lipstick longer. You need to apply lipstick with brush over lip liner.

make fuller lips make fuller lips

Tip No.2 Obtain Wider Lips Look

The girls who have thin lips can easily extend their lip boundary by following this simple trick. Your task is to accentuate the beautiful width of your mouth. Use a lip liner and line the extreme edges of the lips. You need to extend out to the corner of lips. Fill in with a lipstick of matching color and apply lip gloss in the middle of your lips only. Hurrah! You have made wider looking lips.

natural lips look


Tip No.3 Make Thinner Looking Lips

You need to draw line with lip liner inside the natural lip line and then fill in with your favorite lipstick color. If you will pick a matte shade lipstick then you would be able to smaller lip look.

how to make lips small

make thin lips

Tip No.4 Get Natural Looking hair

Define your natural lip line with a neutral colored pencil, fill in with a sheer gloss and then you need to blend the gloss to the edges of lips. Use lip brush for smooth blending. It is among the best lip tips the result of which comes in the form of glossy natural lips.

natural lips for womenglossy lips wide

These are four basic lip tips that help you enhance the beauty of your lips and thereby getting very beautiful smile.


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