How to Follow 2015 Center part Hair Trend? Try five ideas

Girls who keep their eyes on latest hairstyle trends would surely know that center part is among the biggest hair trend for 2015. Tons of models appeared with center-parts in Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015, Milan Fashion Week 2015, New York Fashion Week ss15, etc. So, if you want to follow this amazing hair trend then you would surely like to know the best ways to wear it. So, today I’m here to give you best 2015 center part hair trend ideas.

2015 center part hair trends

Get Curls or Waves with Center Parts

Want to look trendy and stunning side-by-side? It is good to grab your hairstyling tools and get either wavy or curly hairstyles. Before you start using any hair tool, you need to apply some hair serum or cream in the hair, apply it evenly from tips to roots of your hair and then to opt for an extreme center-part. After that you are free to get wavy or curly locks.

wavy hairstyles 2015 trends

curly hairstyles 2015

center part hair trends 2015

Make a ponytail after Center Parting your hair

If you opt for this specific idea then you would be following two cool hair trends of 2015 i.e. ponytail and center part hair trends. It is good to first get straight hair with your hair iron, then to center part the front hair while making a sleek high or low ponytail of back hair.

ponytail hairstyles for 2015

center part and ponytail hairstyles

center part hirstyles with ponytail

Get a Short or Long bob with Extreme Center part

Another cool idea that will surely make you simply chic is lob or bob with sleek center part. Long is suitable for girls who don’t want to cut their medium hair very short. Long bob or lob hairstyle is indeed very appealing. Girls who have fringe with bob should make a little change into their bob hairstyle in 2015. It is good to replace fringe with center parting just to look simply trendy.

lob with center partcenter parting bob hairstylescenter parting bob hairstyles

Go Straight with Center Part

Pick your straightener and get straight hair but don’t forget to follow 2015 center part hair trend first. In simple words, you need to apply some hair serum or cream into the hair. Pick a comb and then opt for extreme center parting. Now you are free to get sleek and straight hair with a straightener.

long straight hairstyles 2015


2015 hair trends and style

Get romantic braids with Center part

Want to know how to wear 2015 center part hair trend in the most romantic manner? It is good to try different braided hairstyles such as simple English braid, crown braid and some others. If you do this then you would be following two best hair trends for fall/winter 2015 since you would get center part and braids side-by-side.

braided hairstyles 2015braid hairstyles 2015crown braid hairstyles

Now you know how to wear 2015 center part hair trend in five different ways. What you need more? Go and try these ideas now.

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