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11 Cool Felt Tip Eyeliner Looks Inspire Every Girl

Felt tip eyeliner is really good for all those beginners. This eyeliner pen makes it really easy for you to create winged style eyeliner effortlessly. It is like a pen that you need to use for drawing beautiful lines on your lid. Good thing about this eyeliner is that it is easy to smudge. Girls who want to make their eyeliner perfect should do some practice with this type. Today, I am here to share some cool looks that you can grab via felt tip eyeliner pen. But before I unlock those looks, I would like to share a quick eyeliner makeup tutorial for you.

How to Apply Felt Tip Eyeliner?

apply felt tip eyeliner tutorial

Image via Instagram/hairandmakeupleila


Once you have got this liner, next step is to know how to use it. I am here with a simple tutorial which allows you to create perfect wings of your eyes.

Step No.1 Start from outer-V area of your eyes.

Step No.2 Draw a diagonal line on your outer-V eye area.

Step No.3 Now move from outer V area to inner V area of eyes and draw another line.

Step No.4 You have got winged eyeliner outline, the next step is to fill it with your felt tip eyeliner pen and that’s it.

This eyeliner tutorial picture definitely makes it clear how to apply this product. The next step is to explore some beautiful ideas of wearing this liner.

11 Best Felt Tip Eyeliner Looks

Here are some styles or ideas that you like to try.

1.Flat style look

arabic style wing eyeliner

Image via Instagram/momhex

Usually girl creates wings in the corner of eyes but you can try flat style with brown eyeshadow and definitely it makes your eyes attractive.

2.Casual Pink Makeup with single curvy line

pink eye makeup with felt tip eyeliner pen

Image via Instagram/ashleshairdesigns

When it comes to casual makeup , you can make a curvy black line. There is no need to always wear thick winged on eyes when you look beautiful with a sleek line.

3.Purple Eyeliner Style for Blue Eyes

blue black eye and hair  ideas with felt tip eyeliner


Girls who don’t need ordinary style, should opt for purple blue look. If you don’t mind, get two-tone purple blue hair and then start your makeup. The dominant colors will be purple and blue. Create one eye wing with purple and another with black felt tip eyeliner.

4.Thick Flick idea

thick eyeliner beauty ideas

Image via Instagram/gracepamelamua

If you have big beautiful eyes, you need to enhance their beauty with thick flick. The main focus should be on black gel eyeliner style. It simply means that use light eyeshadow color and blend it properly.

5.White and Black Eye Beauty

Another great look to achieve with felt tip eyeliner waterproof is black and white. Apply foundation on eyes. Blend upper lid with white shadow and use white eye pencil in water line. Next step is to create a beautiful black curve on eyes.

simple eyeliner for girls

Image via Instagram/your_everyday_psychopath

6.Arabic Style Eyeliner

arabic eyeliner makeup ideas

Image via Instagram/cheymarie14

If you need party makeup inspiration, you can get it here. Use black and peach color for eyeshadow and then definite eye beauty with thick winged style line.

7.Golden and Red Model Look

golden eyeshadow black eyeliner and red lips


No doubt, this look is quite hard to attain but a little practice helps you achieve the same look. Blend soft golden shade on eyes. Choose beautiful red lipstick for adoring lip beauty. False thick eye lashes is a must for it. But the most important step is to create stunning eye wings with felt tip eyeliner.

8.Round Wings For eyes

amazing eyeliner ideas for girls

Image via Instagram/dreamdodie

You often go for flat or curvy wings but sometimes you should think of round wings. They look simply amazing. All you have to do is to try them. Don’t forget to fill waterline with kohl.

 9.Lower Wing Style Idea

beautiful felt tip eyeliner style ideas

Image Via Instagram/nchid2700

Normally, when you create flick or wings then you move your black line toward your eyebrows. However, this time you need to think of a new idea. All you have to do is to keep your felt tip eyeliner wing low.

10.Perfect V-Style with Felt Tip Eyeliner

beautiful felt tip eyeliner waterproof style

Image via Instagram/mossyleaf

Girls who prefer eyeliner over eyeshadow should try this style. All you have to do is to create a beautiful V-in your outer –V area. This eyeliner will be thicker from corner and becomes thinner in inner eye area.

11.Green eyes with Sleek black line

simple eyeliner style with green makeup

Image Via Instagram/shopfancyface

Another party makeup look that every girl likes to grab is green eye makeup. You need to choose beautiful green shade and spread it close to your crease. When it comes to eyeliner application, you need to follow nothing but your upper lashline shape and then extend this line to outer V area.. Make a sleek line and you don’t need wings.

Finally, you have got an idea about how to apply felt tip eyeliner and how to wear this eyeliner in 11 different ways. I am sure you would like to follow any of these styles. If you have some other style ideas or tips then feel free to share them with me.


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