Feel free to Explore Meanings of Feather tattoo Designs

People who need colorful tattoos with great meanings must opt for feather tattoo designs. They have rich history and significance. Normally, a single fallen feather design symbolizes loss, birth and luck.They  are equally popular among men and women, even kids like to get temporary tat designs.

Famous Bird Feather Tattoos Designs and Meanings

Meaning of a tattoo is quite dependent on the bird whose feather you choose. Before you pick any design for yourself, you should know about bird and its traits, which make tattoo meaning very clear for you.


Commonly, owl symbolizes death but it is Native American who believed that it offers protection against evil spirits. It also symbolizes intelligence and mystery.

owl face and feather tattoo mean feather tattoo on foot feather tattoo meanings and designs meanings of owl feather tattoo


Girls usually like to get peacock feather tattoo since its design let them a chance to use many beautiful and vivid colors. Meanings of these designs are rebirth and renewal holiness, and a touch of vanity. According to Hindus, peacock symbolizes kindness, luck, and compassion.

green peacock feather tattoo peacock feather tattoo designs big phoenix feather tattoo feather tattoo meanings peacock cute feathers tattoos behind ear


Eagle represents freedom and bravery. People normally pay tribute to United States with an All-American old school eagle. It is a memorial and military tattoo. People add dates to this tattoo to give this tattoo some personal meaning.

eagle feather tattoos feather tattoos for wrist amazing feather tattoo for back feather tattoo on foot


The feather of this bird is not very common but it represents a love for the ocean and also rising above life’s tides.

seagull feather tattoo mean seagull feather tattoos


According to Greek Mythology, a feather from a phoenix is said to promise eternal life. If  you get feather of this bird then it shows immortality. A flaming feather is among the best idea to try. Discover deep down meanings, history and myth of Bird of Fire “phoenix tattoos“.

phoenix feather tattoo meanings men phoenix tattoo designs big phoenix feather tattoo

How to design you own tattoo?

It is good to take inspiration from online  designs. But if you want to design your own tattoo then you should make some research in library. Check old books which let you a chance to get unique design of feathers. Choose best shades for your tattoo. Don’t add a lot of colors since they will make design unrealistic. Pick a few shades for natural looking or realistic designs.

cute feather tattoo

In simple words, feather tattoo designs represent wisdom, freedom, courage and luck. Explore some designs and pick the best one for yourself. You need to choose the best place for this kind of it. The places where you can get attention easily are  foot, arm, sleeve, wrist, neck, etc. I’m sure now it would be really easy for you to pick a suitable design and place for your tat.


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