Fearsome yet Beautiful Dragon Tattoos for men

Guys who are looking for some amazing tattoo design for them must opt for dragon tattoos for men. Dragons are mythological creatures that are not only fearsome but also quite beautiful. Normally, you normally see these creatures in mythological books. These are scaly, winged beast having huge claws and have a great ability to emit fire from their mouth.

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Meanings of Dragon tattoos

Dragon tattoo meaning changes from one culture to another culture. In east, these tattoos mean fortune and fertility. In west, dragon tattoos for men symbolizes evil spirit and destroyer of home and earth. In tattoos arts, you can find many different varieties of them such as Japanese dragon tattoo, Chinese dragon tattoo, Celtic dragon tattoo, etc.

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Japanese Dragon tattoos

Dragons are an integral part of Japanese tattoo art. In Japan, people believed that the first Emperor of Japan is a descendant of the dragons. Dragon tattoos usually represent protection of the royal family of Japan. When it comes to Japanese dragon tattoos’ characteristics, you can see that dragons don’t have wings, has a head of a camel, paw of a tiger, eagle claws,etc. They normally have a jewel below their chin. The meanings of Japanese dragon tattoos are power, family, protection of home and family. Some tattoos also represents longevity. The most common types of Japanese dragon tattoos are Sui-Riu, Fuku-Riu, Han-Riu, etc.

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Chinese Dragon tattoos for men

The dragons in Chinese cultures represent masculine nature and they normally associate with the biggest possible single digit number 9. The meanings of these tattoos are intelligence, strength, health, harmony and good luck. Chinese dragons have snake like appearance and also associated with rain. They normally have flaming pearl under the chin. Usually, Chinese dragon tattoos men have scale all over their body. It is believed that Chinese dragon tattoo possess very strong supernatural power. The common Chinese dragon tattoos are horned dragon, earth dragon, yellow dragon, and celestial dragon.

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I’m sure daring guys would love to opt for either Japanese or Chinese dragon tattoos depending on their own preference.


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