Famous Satanic Symbol Tattoo Designs

A very delicate and interesting topic, because many did not know that even in the B.C (time before Christ) that tattoos purpose and meaning varies from culture to culture. Acquiring a tattoo for some was not a choice as in the Roman Empire slaves and criminals were marked; as too the Japanese. In Borneo, women tattooed their symbols on their forearm indicating their particular skill. The early Greeks used tattooing for communication among spies. Marking identified the spies, and showed their ranking. I believe however on the other hand there are some people that have gotten the tattoos for particular purposes, because they don’t believe in god. Many people love their free will and getting a satanic tattoo is one of the reasons why they get It.

10 best Satanic symbol tattoo designs

1.Inverted 5 pointed star, or pentagram this symbol has been used in pagans, witchcraft, freemasonry and Gnosticism. They may be unaware or intentionally but some celebrities have pictures, shirts and videos with this inverted 5pointed star

Pentagram on chest

Pentagram tattoo design

Pentagram lower back

2.Upside down cross, the cross symbolizes Christ and his crucifixion, and in Satanism this is turned upside down in order to mock and dishonor Christ and his death.It is one of the famous satanic symbol tattoo designs.

Upside Down Cross tattoo cleavage

upside down cross breast

upside down cross

3.The eye inside the pyramid tattoo, also known as the eye of providence, which can be found on the US one dollar bill. It is really popular satanic symbol tattoo.

eye of providence

eye of providence tattoo

eye of providence men tattoo

4.Half naked woman with goat head, also known as Baphomet, has 493 likes and eleven comments on a social site called Instagram.

Baphomet tattoo back

Baphomet tattoo half goat half woman

Baphomet tattoo

5.Shhh is a simple finger tattoo which is a common one with some celebrities.

shhhhh tattoo

shhhhh tattoo design

shhhhh tattoo design

6.Rams head inside a pentagram, a talked about tattoo in Yahoo’s search and answer.You would like to get this stylish satanic symbol tattoo design.

Pentagram rams head tattoo

Pentagram rams head tattoo design

Pentagram rams head tattoo in star

7.The human skull, which has different features. You can make many different design of tattoos with skull.

Skull tattoo

Skull tattoo chest

Skull tattoo beautiful cleavage

8.Lucifer’s face most of them has the horn.Explore the best design ideas of this tattoo below.

Lucifer tattoo

Lucifer face tattoo

Lucifer face tattoo design

9. 666 Is a popular one a simple 3 digit tattoo.You can get ink of this tattoo in many different ways on your body.It is another cool satanic symbol tattoo design idea.

666 satan tattoo

satan 666 tattoo women back

Saran tattoo 666 satan

10.Little red devil, which is normally painted in the red ink. It seems amusing but it is indeed a powerful tattoo design idea.

little red devil tattoo

Small red devil tattoo

little red devil tattoo design

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